Sasac clear!These risk situations shall be identified as material operating risk events

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State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the People’s Republic of China issued the Work Rules on Reporting major Business Risk events of Central Enterprises recently, according to the sasAC website Tuesday. According to the rules, enterprises with any of the following risk events in the process of production and management should be identified as major business risk events and reported in a timely manner:(1) it may have a significant impact on the assets, liabilities, rights and interests and operating results of the enterprise, and the amount of impact accounts for more than 10% of the total assets or net assets or net profits of the enterprise, or the estimated loss exceeds 50 million yuan;Second, it may lead to particularly significant changes in the production and operation conditions and market environment of enterprises, affecting the sustainable development of enterprises;Being investigated by judicial organs or regulatory bodies at or above the provincial level on suspicion of serious violations of laws and regulations, or receiving major criminal or administrative penalties;Fourth, it is controlled and sanctioned by other countries, regions or international organizations, which has a significant negative impact on the image of the enterprise or the country;Fifth, it is reported by domestic and foreign media, resulting in significant negative public opinion impact and other circumstances.Column editor: Gu Wanquan This article is written by China News Network editor: Song Hui title photo source: Picture worm photo editor: Cao Liyuan