“Prose” Ding Huiren | Spring Festival Gala, only this green

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On the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, “Only This green” shocked people.This dance this picture is absolutely beautiful, as beautiful as Chinese ink painting.Some people say that this year, only this green, good color matching, elegant intellectual, different posture, green mountains, the stage of the landscape painting, China’s “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains”.Yes, that’s right.What must be praised is that on the stage full of Chinese red, the green is elegant and noble. China’s landscape is green mountains and clear waters, and China’s beautiful scenery is picturesque mountains and rivers.Wang Ximeng, 18, is a genius. He painted the beautiful rivers and mountains of China with green ink. The vast rivers and overlapping mountains are full of green, which is a distinctive landscape and a quintessence of Traditional Chinese culture.The painting, which is housed in the Palace Museum, was displayed on the central axis of the Palace Museum in 2017, which caused queuing craze and even gave birth to a new word: Palace Museum Run.Turquoise landscape painting, deduce the verve of turquoise color, the turquoise on the painting has a kind of gem-like light.Moved to the stage, full of imagination, people see the majestic culture and shock, let the audience call unexpectedly.900 years later, 18-year-old boy, only this green landscape, the scenery of the north and south.The magnificent landscape painting is performed on the stage. This is the national culture shining in China and the Chinese civilization shining in the world.Spring Festival Gala, only this green, beautiful suffocating……Author introduction: ding will, Dr, independent writer, a senior scholar, best-selling author, senior accountants, senior economist, published several articles in the People’s Daily “xinhua” “China” the kwangmyong market information newspaper zhanjiang daily the labor times “the writer net” and “writer” and other newspapers and magazines.