Jia Nailiang was recently exposed, in Sanya Lin Geng new store hair, Li Xiaolu sweet xin also in the local

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Recently, a netizen met Jia by chance in Sanya and wrote on Weibo that he kept a low profile and secretly went to the barber shop, which attracted a lot of attention.Wearing a white T-shirt and a light gray coat, Jia Is seriously playing with his mobile phone. The barber next to him is doing his hair, which is also short, and looks like it has not changed much. It should be cut short.Instead of having his hair cut in the lobby, Jia, a friend of Lin Gengxin, who runs the shop, was shown to a more private room with a decent decor and floor-to-ceiling Windows overlooking the tropical landscape.He is 37 years old. He is in good physical condition and does not become greasy because of obesity. His facial features are still handsome, and the whole person gives a feeling of youthful vitality.The photo, the netizens have lamented, the original stars will cut their hair in such a place, and even some people said, sweet xin and Li Xiaolu are in Sanya Houhai, and he and his ex-wife appeared in the same place, may be to take their children to go out to play, so after divorce, and not so taboo.Before, some netizens took photos of Li Xiaolu and Sweet xin on their social media, the two appeared in the hotel swimming pool, Li Xiaolu wearing a light T-shirt, below is a pink shorts, a head of black hair, slender legs, even the camera, can not cover up her beauty.Li Xiaolu threw a white cartoon swimming ring in the side, the pedestrians around are recognized Li Xiaolu, holding a camera to take photos, but two people seem to see no wonder, continue to play the game.Li Xiaolu although has been more than 40 years old, but the figure is still very good, her skin is very white, looks very young, although has withdrawn from the entertainment industry, but her self-control is still very strong.Not long ago, Li Xiaolu’s brother Ma Zhiyu said on weibo that he would remember, because his wife and sweet jasmine are in a hotel in Sanya.Sweet xin is very fond of children, when taking photos, she will turn back to play with her brother from time to time, she is now nine years old, taller than her mother, the figure is also very good, has grown into a beautiful girl.Many users sigh, Although Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu have divorced, but they still have a good impression of their children, I hope they can find their own happiness, so that sweet jasmine can grow up happily.