Chengdu Wuhou public security cracked a “help letter” case

2022-09-24 0 By

Chengdu, February 26 (Li Ping, Wang Fan) Recently, Chengdu Public Security Bureau Wuhou District branch successfully cracked a case involving up to one million yuan of “help letter”, hit and deal with four suspects, seized three bank cards, four mobile phones, one POS machine, two computers.In early February, the anti-fraud police of Wuhou public Security received clues that the bank card of tang Mi (alias), a resident of the district, was related to a telecom fraud case in Yancheng, Jiangsu province.On February 15, The Public security of Wuhou took Tang Mi back to wuhou sub-bureau for interrogation.”I had no job and no money in January, so my friend Su Qing (not her real name) told me there was a way to make quick money and asked me if I would do it.Thinking of just lending the bank card can earn thousands of yuan a day, so without hesitation agreed to this matter.Then Su Qing sent me a wechat person named xiaoshuai, asking me to contact him and rent my bank card to him, who then transferred the ‘rent fee’ to me.”Police immediately tang Mi and Su Qing, small shuai chat records for in-depth analysis, and their basic information reported to the bureau of the center, search and track Su Qing, small shuai dynamic, ready to arrest.On the afternoon of February 15, police arrested Xiao Shuai and another suspect in a hotel room, and found four mobile phones, one POS machine, three bank cards and two computers used in the crime.Two suspects in the interrogation of the initiative to account for its squatting in Chengdu, with high prices to buy, loan bank cards to attract the “fish” hook, using the “fish” to provide bank cards to help overseas telecom fraud and overseas gambling gangs transfer illegal money, the implementation of “run points” behavior.At about 17 o ‘clock that afternoon, introduced Tang Mi lending bank card suspect Su Qing also came to Wuhou branch surrendered.So far, the case of 4 criminal suspects per capita has been arrested, the police are still digging the gang’s line.