As Internet users became more sensible, Sima nan was in a difficult position

2022-09-24 0 By

The showdown between Sima Nan and Liu Chuanzhi caught everyone’s attention, with Sima Nan using dozens of programs to expose Liu chuanzhi’s embezzlement of Lenovo, thus earning a lot of applause.Sima South suddenly let Liu Chuanzhi caught by surprise, the development of the event to a few days still did not come forward hard shoulder.This seemingly conceding action made netizens even more crazy. In the social environment of “default is admission”, everyone almost believed that Liu chuanzhi embezzled state-owned assets.Liu chuanzhi was a stepping stone for Sima Nan to become a “messenger of justice”, and sima Nan has since started the road of violent traffic.All the hot topics in the society are the objects of his comments. “His writing style is sharp and to the point” is the comment given to Sima Nan by netizens.We pay attention to Sima Nan’s original intention is to see the end of Lenovo, through his article content can be seen that the content of Lenovo is very high, other content is much lower.This also shows that netizens are in essence concerned about Lenovo, Sima Nan is just a way.But it is embarrassing that Sima Nan did not bring down Liu Chuanzhi, after The Xinhua News Agency broadcast a video praising Lenovo’s reforms and achievements.There was no mention of Liu chuanzhi’s “embezzlement of state assets” and no investigation by the relevant authorities, which may well have gone nowhere or were not intended to investigate Lenovo in the first place.Continuous shelling did not get the results, the net friends are obviously not satisfied, so have to find Sima Nan to verify.Later, Sima Nan claimed in his article that the reason why he questioned Lenovo was to make lenovo better. He could either reply or not to the question and respected the legal basis.Until now, Sima nan is in a difficult situation. If he does not continue to fire on Lenovo, the original proposal may be invalid, and the netizens will leave him, and the attention will be greatly reduced.If continue to lenovo, it is not digging out valuable black material, and ultimately may not end up.Now the netizen is more and more rational, divide clear what is justice awe-awe, what is flow business.I hope Sima nan can really develop social problems and guide people to solve them, just blasting hot spots instead of solving problems, sooner or later, will lose the trust of netizens.