Xiamen Free Trade Zone with a maximum reward of 5 million yuan to support digital development

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April 2, xiamen (Yu Nai liu) digital innovation carrier construction maximum reward of 5 million yuan, digital promotion maximum reward of 3 million yuan, digital comprehensive service platform construction maximum subsidy of 3 million yuan……Xiamen Free Trade Zone (FTZ) started the application of special funds for digital development in 2022 on Monday, and qualified enterprises in the zone can participate in the application until April 30.In order to promote the digital development of the zone, Xiamen Free Trade Commission issued several Measures for Promoting digital Development in Xiamen Area of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2021, and stipulated that businesses registered in Xiamen Free Trade Zone, tax revenue belonging to Xiamen Free Trade Commission, enterprises with independent legal personality,Those who carry out digitalization and informatization promotion businesses or projects such as digital supply chain management, smart logistics and warehousing, smart port and smart supervision, and are listed as key projects of digitalization construction in national, provincial, municipal and Xiamen Free Trade Zone, in line with relevant regulations can receive special fund support for digitalization development.Xiamen staff of the bureau of trade commission policies and regulations, the declaration of funding cycle for January 1, 2021 – December 31, declare a special fund project is divided into digital promotion award, loan discount for digital key projects, digital integrated service platform construction, digital innovation carrier construction rewards of subsidies, such as seven kind of specific projects,The maximum award and subsidy for a single enterprise can be 5 million yuan.Among them, in terms of digital promotion reward, eligible enterprises will be given 12% subsidy of digital and information investment in 2021;Those who have obtained xiamen Municipal government’s subsidy to carry out intelligent technology transformation project in 2021 will be rewarded with 5% of the investment in intelligent technology transformation equipment in 2021.The above two awards and subsidies cannot be applied repeatedly, and the maximum annual value of a single enterprise shall not exceed 3 million yuan.Discount interest on loans for key digital projects.The interest paid by enterprises through loans in 2021 that meet the application conditions will be given a loan discount. The discount interest rate will be determined according to the loan market quotation rate (LPR) of the same period in 2021 according to the loan term of the project contract. The discount interest ratio will be supported by 90%, 80%, 70% and 50% according to the four levels of national, provincial and municipal Xiamen area respectively.The annual discount for a single enterprise shall not exceed 1 million yuan.Rewards for digital demonstration construction.For the relevant projects that meet the conditions, according to the national, provincial and municipal one-time reward of 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan respectively, fujian Province, Xiamen city has been the relevant reward can be applied superposition.Subsidies for the construction of digital integrated service platforms.For enterprises that meet the requirements to build relevant platforms, 30% of the input of hardware and software equipment will be subsidized, with a maximum of RMB 3 million for each enterprise.Digital innovation carrier construction rewards.Enterprises that build key digital innovation laboratories, technological innovation centers and digital transformation promotion centers in Xiamen and are recognized by national, provincial and municipal industry authorities in 2021 will be rewarded by classification and classification, with a maximum reward of RMB 5 million.Digital economy standards-setting awards.In 2021 as the first chain enterprises drafting units in the development blocks, artificial intelligence, digital and technology such as large data, and supply chain management, port logistics, warehousing, wisdom, wisdom regulation such as digital application standard, according to the international, national and industry standards reward 500000 yuan, 300000 yuan and 100000 yuan respectively, have obtained, xiamen city, fujian province standards of reward,Stacking can be used.It is worth mentioning that, according to the regulations, the various awards and subsidies enjoyed by the declared enterprises should not exceed their tax contributions to XIAMEN FREE Trade Commission in the current year in principle, and they should promise not to move out of Xiamen area within 10 years from the first year of applying for support.At the same time, if there are overlapping policies with other policies of Fujian Province, Xiamen City, districts and FREE Trade Committee, except for the provisions of the notice, the principle of “preferential treatment, preferential treatment and no duplication” will be applied.In addition, if the same project input can be simultaneously applied with digital promotion award, digital comprehensive service platform construction subsidy and digital innovation carrier construction award, one of them shall be selected and applied according to the principle of preferential treatment, and shall not be combined.