What’s wrong with the Galanz microwave when it’s not heated

2022-09-23 0 By

Sometimes we come across that food is left in the microwave for half a day without heating, which wastes our time.Today, I will share with you the reason why galanz microwave oven is not heated and the solution.1. Power connection problem: Check whether the power supply is properly connected.If the power supply is not properly connected or the power cord is not in good contact, the microwave will not be able to heat the food.2, the voltage is too low, check to see if a microwave electric voltage is lower, generally the microwave work need voltage is 220 v, if the voltage is lower than 180 v, can appear without heating, if is a voltage problem, when use microwave oven can turn off the home and other high power electric appliance temporarily, or change the voltmeter can solve.3, the high voltage diode is broken: this situation is also very common, the disk is spinning, but can not be heated.If this is the case, check the filament winding during maintenance.If it works, then check whether the high voltage diode works.If the test results are infinite, the high voltage diode needs to be replaced.
4, the magnetron is broken: the magnetron is broken mainly in the light on but not heated.Generally, the electromagnetic control tube is aging and the filament is broken.Can check the discharge of the high voltage capacitor, and test the filament winding.In the normal case, it’s 0 ohms.If not, the magnetron is broken and you can replace it.