What’s the difference between the left arm and the right arm when measuring blood pressure?Three points should be paid attention to when measuring blood pressure correctly

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Hypertensive population grow only, but also make a lot of people fear of high blood pressure, also began to actively to the prevention of high blood pressure, and the one who has been suffering from high blood pressure, also no longer hide, because, have seen too many people died because of high blood pressure, or severe cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, even save lives, eventually escape not to drop, the future has been in bed to,There is also the possibility of being disliked by their children, such a life is not what everyone wants.To avoid suffering from high blood pressure, also in order to reduce disease of heart head blood-vessel, in terms of monitoring the blood pressure, some people still very care about, will be positive to do, but some people in the process of doing, but found some problem, is to use the left arm and right arm measured blood pressure level is different, which is accurate?01 So, when taking blood pressure, what is the difference between the left arm and the right arm?There will be high and low blood pressure, and this kind of situation, mostly is normal, because the left arm and right arm is not the same as the source of blood supply, blood supply mainly comes from the aorta first branch in her right arm and left arm source of blood supply is the third branch, due to different sources, for the energy consumption is different, the energy dissipations of the left arm source of blood supply is relatively more,Blood pressure levels are lower, and the right hand is supplied by the aorta, which doesn’t use as much energy, so blood pressure levels are higher.Blood pressure levels are usually measured on the higher side, so blood pressure measured on the right arm is more accurate than on the left.Also need to pay attention to one thing, however, is the first time to measure blood pressure, to either hand to measure, if left and right arm blood pressure values are more than 10 MMHG, in the arm is a numeric value, but if it is beyond the 20 MMHG, can’t neglect, be careful vascular severe disease, should be timely to find the reason, can be treated as soon as possible,So as not to delay serious illness.02 When measuring blood pressure, not only do you need to pay attention to the difference in blood pressure levels between the left and right arms, but there are also 3 points to note.Point 1: Before taking blood pressure, keep calm (it is best to sit quietly for 5 minutes). Blood pressure is easily affected by emotions. When emotions fluctuate, blood pressure will fluctuate accordingly.In addition, the level of blood pressure will be affected by exercise. In order to avoid these factors, it is best to sit still for 5 minutes before measurement, so that the blood pressure value measured will be more accurate.Point 2: cuff correct use although the progress of science and development is very big, there are already electronic sphygmomanometer, but most people still rely on mercury sphygmomanometer, feel will be more accurate, however, mercury sphygmomanometer has faced elimination, and a lot of people in the process of use, prone to error, will eventually lead to inaccurate blood pressure measurement.For example, when wearing the cuff, many people are wrong. Either the cuff is worn in the wrong position, or the cuff is too tight or too loose, which ultimately leads to the measurement of blood pressure is not accurate.It is recommended to check that the cuff is properly worn before measuring blood pressure.The correct position for wearing the cuff should be 2-3 centimeters above the elbow fossa. Then, in the process of winding the cuff, you can use the fingertips of your fingers to measure it. If you can easily reach into the cuff, it is relatively loose, while if you can’t reach into it, it is relatively tight.During the day, blood pressure varies a lot, especially in the morning and evening. In order to get a more accurate blood pressure value and better control blood pressure, it is necessary to take several measurements throughout the day and finally take the average value.Remember not to round the blood pressure when reading the blood pressure value. This is the blood pressure value, it is not possible to judge the level of blood pressure in this way, it is easy to make a misjudgment, resulting in unstable blood pressure control.It’s best to take measurements in the morning, in the middle and at night, and then average them.Do you pay attention to the above points when you measure your blood pressure? If you do not, your blood pressure measurement may not be accurate.Some people say that their blood pressure measured at home is different from that measured in the hospital. The blood pressure measured in the hospital is always higher than that measured at home. This does not mean that the blood pressure measured at home is inaccurate.References: 1. 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