Unpaid pay is a bad behavior

2022-09-23 0 By

The underpayment itself is a disrespect to the workers, who should get their share of the remuneration.Recently, some Chinese super League teams have been embroiledin unpaid salary scandals, showing no respect for workers.A player to pursue unpaid wages, but was said not enough loyalty, haggling over every ounce, care too much about their own interests.Arrears are not ashamed of their arrears, but proud of them.Behavior is extremely bad, unpaid people, no way to pursue, it can be seen that ordinary workers, how difficult life.For the boss or shareholders, how much financial resources should do how much matter, the wages are raised high first, and then drag not hair, this kind of practice, so that the working people are very helpless.We should respect the rules of the market and our own situation, and pay as much as we can.Do not owe wages, is the greatest respect for workers.Some bosses, themselves also used to be workers, is not respect workers, it is immoral.In some professions, the career of practitioners is short, no matter what level, to get a reasonable salary is a kind of explanation to themselves.Pay on schedule is respect for workers.