Traffic problems stubborn miasma remediation zhuzhou by the open area was rated advanced

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Recently, the city 2021 annual traffic problems stubborn stubborn chronic disease centralized rectification work advanced collective announced, Zhuzhou by the open area on the list.Introduced last year, zhuzhou developing economic district of the pernicious disease focus regulation scheme of the traffic problem dense, go all out to “catch the source, in addition to the hidden danger, to cure diseases, seized all kinds of traffic illegal act 43433, including 185 cases of illegal drunk driving and drunk driving behavior,” king of one hundred tons of “10, motorcycles, electric cars illegal act, 9685, 306, overrun overloadIllegal parking 26,120, the district did not occur a larger road traffic accident, the district’s road traffic safety steady improvement.At the same time, the area vigorously carried out campus safety, traffic safety hidden trouble “big investigation and rectification”, rural road traffic accident prevention “100-day attack” and other special actions, improve the area of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens around the road and Yuntian highway intersection, Yunfeng Avenue, tea horse line and other sections of the traffic safety facilities,There are 17 key road sections and potential risks of rural roads in the jurisdiction, and 7 roads that have not implemented the “three simultaneous” system have all been rectified.In addition, the area in the town of kumota, sets up the three leading pave the streets, Stanford university street traffic safety management service and 23 station traffic safety persuasion, allure member 69 people, and realize the vehicle and driver management “hukou”, “two guest a dangerous goods”, turn the camp bus, bus, van, loading cargo are three-wheeled motorcycle key scrappage rate reached 100%.Last year, the district also launched the “Wearing hats project” traffic safety publicity campaign and the “Beautiful Village Tour” series of activities, through the theme of publicity, free helmets and other forms of strengthening road safety barriers.Up to now, a total of 8 themed publicity activities have been held, 100,000 leaflets and more than 3,000 safety helmets have been issued, greatly enhancing the public’s awareness of traffic safety.Source: Zhuzhou Daily author: Li Yifeng gan Min Duohuan editor: Cao Ti