That’s great!Irving is expected to play in the home game, Silver is in limbo, New York’s new mayor is willing to change

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On February 17, Beijing time, the NBA regular season is hot, the Nets is ushered in the good news, next I take you to understand the specific situation.That’s great!Kyrie Irving is expected to play in the NBA’s home games.Owen missed most of the start of the season and was unable to play at home when he returned.We all know why irving refused to be vaccinated, which is a violation of the New York City quarantine policy where the Nets are located.Things are expected to change, starting with NBA Commissioner Silver defending Irving.In an interview with the media, Silver lambasted New York’s quarantine regulations as stupid and said he hoped the new mayor would change the situation as soon as possible.As for why Silver is defending Irving, there’s a reason for that.The New York rules put the Nets in a difficult position, as visiting players who were not vaccinated could still play at the Barclays Center, where the Nets play.But as a member of the Nets, Irving won’t be able to play in their home games, which is a strange situation.That made Silver unhappy, as Irving was a factor in the nets’ attendance at home.As NBA commissioner, Silver naturally wants every team to run well.Interestingly, New York’s new mayor, Eric Adams, also responded by saying he was willing to change the situation.In an interview with the media, Adams said he agrees that the rules are unfair and that he is working on them.Adams specifically said of the Nets, “It’s really unfair for a home team to have a different set of rules than a visiting team.”As things stand, if all goes well, Owen will no longer be bound by those rules.Irving is expected to wear a Nets jersey at The Barclays Center when the Nets play at home.It’s a positive sign for the Nets, who really need Irving right now, especially with Kevin Durant out and James Harden out.So far this season, Irving has averaged 24.1 points, 4.8 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.1 steals in 14 games for the Nets, who are eighth in the Eastern Conference.We’ll see what irving can do next.