Protect the health of people from all over the world, respiratory disease hospital of Henan Chest Hospital officially opened

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On the beginning of spring, everything grows.At 9:10 am on February 4, 2022, the respiratory Hospital of Henan Chest Hospital held a brief and grand opening ceremony in front of the gate of west Hospital area, No. 46 jingwu Road, Zhengzhou city, with the rhythm of spring drums.Leaders of Henan Chest Hospital including Pan Ye, Yuan Yiqiang, Zhang Ke, Li Dengxu, Li Qinghua, Wei Xiang, Zhu Rujun, Mo Xiaoying, He Shun, Liu Jungang, Xie Shiming, Wang Dejiang, Chen Jun, Zhu Yufang, Zhao Zhaohui, Li Xiaomin, Zhang Hongbo, Zhang Fan and Xie Yang attended the opening ceremony.Vice President Liu Jungang announced the opening ceremony. Party Secretary Pan Ye and president Yuan Yiqiang jointly unveiled the red silk. The bronze medal of “Respiratory Hospital of Henan Chest Hospital” immediately shone brightly.Pan Ye announced the official opening of respiratory hospital of Henan Chest Hospital.Onlookers and medical staff applauded enthusiastically.The electronic screen at the entrance of the hospital repeatedly plays the opening information of the hospital. There are colorful flags surrounded by flower pools on both sides of the door, and medical staff distribute brochures and health gift packages to the masses.Then, the first group of 20 patients came to the hospital, and the hospital leaders presented flowers to each patient to express their gratitude for their trust.Respiratory Hospital of Henan Chest Hospital focuses on respiratory and critical care medicine, currently including 5 wards, 1 RICU and some medical technology departments. Relying on the strong specialty advantages of heart, lung and blood vessels of the hospital, it strives to build the best respiratory hospital in the province and escort the health of the masses.The respiratory hospital of Chest Hospital of Henan Province started preparations more than a month ago. Under the unified deployment of the Party Committee of the hospital, a special team was set up to reform the overall engineering of the hospital, install and install equipment, beds and clean the hospital.Before the opening ceremony, the hospital leaders inspected the related work of each department and ward floor by floor.(Text: Li Hong;Photo: Mu Qianqian)