One School One Dream

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One school, one dream, this is an excellent communication and integration of teaching research and discussion, is to cultivate every child into their own ideal appearance, to create each individual value.We will improve the quality and efficiency of our products, set realistic targets and take concrete measures.A group of researchers committed to teaching and research, a group of thinkers determined to the development of the school, seems to have accurately expounded the school motto of “broad morality, wise, pragmatic”.There are effective analysis and targeted guidance of grasping mathematics group, accurate data analysis of students from excellent to poor, pointing out the direction for the next step of teaching, at the same time with exquisite PPT, a large amount of data analysis at a glance.The Subject of English proposes to carry out teaching and research on the main line of cultivating interest in learning, and puts forward feasible suggestions for the construction and development of the school.Physics subject according to the monthly plan measures, the teaching task is accurate to every month and every week, until the psychological counseling before the high school entrance examination, the arrangement is specific, operability is strong.In chemistry discipline, classroom management is taken as the starting point, classroom efficiency is taken as the key point, and the suggestion of lack of ritual education is put forward.Biology group put forward new requirements of teaching and research and new ideas of collection.The summary of the method of extraction of the idea of the next step, and clear the target score.The geography group listed the detailed teaching progress and analyzed the case of class 8 and 3.To sum up, each teaching and research group has its own characteristics and skills. In particular, the overall analysis of grade group is of great learning value and worthy of careful reflection by every teacher. However, there are also some shortcomings in the United States and China: 1.Some of the problems and measures listed by the teaching and research group are not universal, so the problems are slightly personal and lack of integration and feasible plan 2 for team running-in.Teaching research needs to analyze teachers as well as students.The lack of teachers was analyzed in the problem part, the lack of students in the excellent cases, the lack of vivid teaching cases in the whole teaching and research discussion link, and too many cold data were presented.3. Too much research and discussion of teaching and research is confined to the analysis of results, but the analysis dimension is not many, teaching and research is more to throw out problems, not many solutions.4. For the setting of the target score and the implementation of the next teaching and research measures, the teaching and research group should reach a consensus and take unified actions.5. As for collective teaching and research, it is still in the form of in-depth discussion and communication to create good teaching with the strength of the team. Because there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team, the teaching and research group should really get rid of the situation of fighting alone, which is especially beneficial to the development of young teachers.Facing the children born after 2000, the learning situation has changed greatly. Only by continuous learning and progress can we achieve new teaching results.Grade department Si Wei, Tang Yan team teaching research analysis report