New Ou Peng Culture and Education services | Build a solid safety wall to escort the school season in Bachuan!

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Editor February 16, is deyang Bachuan middle school spring opening day.On the first day of the semester, in order to avoid crowds gathering, the school adopted the form of “staggered peak and dislocation”, which allowed returning students to register at the school gate and the side door of the apartment building in different periods and grades.New Ou Peng Cultural and Educational Service Group arranges a special service team to arrange “special personnel and special posts” at the student registration place, and strives to ensure the smooth progress of school opening work with high quality campus logistics service.At the school registration site, every child is filled with a smiling face of youth, eyes flashing the light of good hope, and constantly greet teachers and students, a piece of laughter……The children are expressing their expectations for the new term in their own way.Due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the parents who sent their children could not enter the campus, so we arranged special staff to help the children carry their luggage.In addition to expressing their gratitude for such help, many children would not stop saying to the staff: “Aunt/uncle, I can take it by myself, I am already a big child…”The parents highly appreciated the orderly arrangement of the children under the guidance of teachers and cultural and educational service staff, such as health code scanning, luggage disinfection, temperature detection, hand washing disinfection and other procedures.Many parents are in the scene directly to the staff said: “every time the school starts, our parents are really too relaxed, feel the car was parked, the children, luggage are into the school, the site staff consider too thoughtful…”New ou Peng culture and education service school logistics service team deeply understand the significance of school work.In order to create a healthy, safe, stable and beautiful campus environment for teachers and students, we carried out campus environment disinfection, mosquito eradication, facilities and equipment maintenance, and stored emergency epidemic prevention materials for many times in the first two weeks of the semester, and completed 43 rectification and improvement plans in total!On the first day of the new semester, the Chengdu regional team of New Ou Peng Cultural and Educational Services Group also organized a special meeting related to the guarantee of the new semester, and made detailed arrangements for the guarantee of the new semester and the logistics service of the new semester.The meeting stressed that campus epidemic prevention and control and campus safety work is a major responsibility, campus logistics departments should strengthen the main responsibility, refine epidemic prevention and safety measures, strengthen communication and cooperation with all departments of the school, and jointly build a campus safety network.After the meeting, to ensure that all measures implementation, thin, deep, various departments to stay cautious attitude, see Ye Zhiqiu keen intuition, save for a rainy day of suffering consciousness, again to the school campus, classroom, canteen, dormitory and toilet, facilities and other important position and facilities to carry out a comprehensive system of safety hidden perils, MoPai on campus surrounding environment system,To the greatest extent to ensure that teachers and students can have a safe and comfortable learning and living environment.In the future, the logistics service team of New Ou Peng Cultural and Educational Service School will continue to deeply understand the practical needs of teachers and students, and constantly improve the quality of service and strengthen the awareness of service!In the work of the real do know responsibility in the heart, bear responsibility in the body, responsibility in line, and strive to let the school at ease, parents at ease, teachers and students at ease!