“Neijiang” Dongxing District has steadily promoted the construction of “four New” alliance innovation base

2022-09-23 0 By

Held on March 30, the city’s united front work at the grass-roots level high quality development to promote the attendant, municipal committee, united front work department minister Luo Wandong leading cities and counties in area, minister of united front in colleges and universities, the municipal party in head, city federation of industry and commerce on behalf of the people and part of state-owned enterprises on behalf of more than 40 people, to the large area TianJia Town guide research innovation on united front construction work at the grass-roots level.The research group visited the office position of the “Four New” Alliance in Tianjia Town and the “Four New” micro-wish volunteer service station located in the visitor Center of Fan Changjiang Memorial Hall, and watched the video of “Gathering Strength – Documentary of Strengthening grass-roots United Front Work in Dongxing District”.In the “four new” group, three representative industries including “new artist” entrepreneurial base — “Pu Kui Workshop”, “New farmer” practice base — “garlic Planting base”, and “New Township Sages” industrial base — “Chinese herbal medicine Industry science and technology Demonstration Park” were investigated.Through the visit and investigation, we have a detailed understanding of the implementation of the “four new and five good” project in Dongxing District with the “four New” alliance as the starting point.Luo wandong fully affirmed the achievements of the “four New” alliance in Tianjia Town, Dongxing District in boosting industrial development and rural revitalization.At the same time, three requirements are put forward. First, it is necessary to closely follow the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee of “Strengthening the high-quality development of grass-roots United Front Work”, and strengthen the organizational structure construction of the “Four New” alliance, explore and improve relevant systems, and promote standardized management.Second, we should continue to guide the “four New” groups to play their role and mobilize more “four New” people to contribute to local economic development, grassroots social governance and social welfare undertakings.Third, we should comprehensively promote the practice and innovation of the “Four innovations and five Good” project, radiate to the whole district and the whole city with the “four Innovations” alliance as the center, pool the intelligence, resources, skills and other advantages of the “four innovations” group to help rural revitalization, make this emerging power benefit the people, and make the rural revitalization strategy really take root!(Contributed by The United Front Work Department of Dongxing District Committee)