How to do all over ache?

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Pain can be acute, slow, touchable and untouchable.Whenever urgent, a touch on the pain, or inflammation, or congestion, that kind of specific location and long body pain, a lot of not disease, but because of physical deficiency.This is not clear where, but always bad pain, more in the age of the people, or premature physical weakness of the people appear.They may therefore complain every day uncomfortable, but it’s not painful to endure, and the weak people, the more trouble, ache is common, if go to a hospital checking, can not find out brings the pain, or, although a bit of a problem, but not always so pain, in others’ eyes, would be considered too effeminacy, moaning whinge-bags.In fact, they are innocent, and the pain, or the amplification of pain, is because they are old and weak, which is perfectly understandable from an evolutionary perspective.Our pain has to travel through the nerves to the brain, and there are two systems that transmit pain, one that’s less evolved to transmit chronic pain, diffuse pain, and one that’s evolved to inhibit the transmission of pain signals, and even, you might say, to relieve pain.But unfortunately, the more high evolution degree of organs and tissues, degradation and earlier, when aging, deficient hit, they are first and foremost, as a result, the body’s own “pain killer system” is already lost function, originally can deliver low-level nerve pain, will become a dominant relentlessly, chronic, diffuse pain began to appear,The sensitivity of the body to pain also rises subsequently, the original body is better when young can endure pain, now can not wish to live, often considered to be “no pain”, in fact, all this, is the disaster caused by virtual loss!People familiar with the general principles of the “no pain”, because a pain caused by blood stasis, in fact, there is a call “no honor, pain”, are discussed in huangdi neijing, because blood is insufficient to raise local, virtual pain, caused by prescription for the treatment of pain in the treatise on febrile disease, the treatment of virtual pain (49%),A typical example is cassia twig and ginseng soup.Ginseng is added on the basis of “guizhi soup”, and the indication for treatment is that after a cold, even the cold is better, but the body for a long time of pain and discomfort, you can use the strength of tonic to relieve pain.The prescription for a lot of can’t find the reason and long-term, chronic pain has a role, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine said, is the tonic qi, meridians filling dish, the body won’t pain, because of the alongwith from an evolutionary perspective, ginseng, cassia twig is tonifying spleen kidney drugs, suppress arrived early degradation because of deficient,By restoring the function of the nerve’s pain-relieving system, seemingly unprovoked pain is relieved.