Hengshan County: during the Spring Festival investigation, visit, big control, big publicity

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During the Spring Festival, migrant workers return home, in order to further strengthen the investigation of drug-related personnel, to further strengthen the control of drug users, to further strengthen the strength of drug users to help, to further strengthen anti-drug propaganda, recently, Hengshan County to take a number of measures, grasp the key time during the Spring Festival node, strong deployment,The “Pingan No. 1” centralized inventory operation, drug addicts visit the Pingan Care action and anti-drug publicity activities during the Spring Festival.➱ January 26 evening, the county public security bureau started the “Ping an 1” centralized inventory action.Deputy county magistrate, county public security Bureau party secretary, director Wang Haiou attended the ceremony and made a mobilization speech.More than 100 auxiliary police officers took part in the operation in the comprehensive departments of the bureau, the business brigade and the two police stations in the city.Township police stations carried out simultaneous inspections and patrols.Operation period, the county staff piece lump, led the police, the auxiliary police for sorting out the county key industries and places to carry out the carpet, in the place such as jurisdiction main intersections, in and out of the city to set up checked posts to see if they can fully woven dense three-dimensional public security prevention and control network, security screening regulation, crack down on all kinds of illegal crime, strengthen the social prevention and control.The actions of the police 24 sets of 216 people, a police car, check the gas station nine, inventory hotel, hotel 26 18, Internet cafes, 4, 12, KTV6 bath center, teahouse, three, four out of 11 stores, supermarkets, express at point 2, plant 2, rental room 13, quarantine personnel more than 500 people, the registration of the floating population of 65 people.Hengshan county public security bureau to carry out the centralized actions ➱ recently, penetration pond township, jiangdong township, LingPo township, with, yonghe township, the Yangtze river town, futian shop township township drug ZhuanGan and social workers to the homes of drug-related personnel, a cordial conversation with drug-related personnel and their families to learn more about their production and living, health, and supporting the elderly, and so on and so forth.The staff patiently listened to and recorded the actual difficulties and problems reported by drug-related personnel and their relatives, and reminded drug-related personnel to keep clean, stay away from drug-related friends circle, and consciously purify their own circle of friends.The drug-related personnel have deeply felt the concern of the Party committee and the government, showing the determination of the state in drug control, and strengthening the confidence of drug-related personnel to return to society.The villages and towns of Hengshan county visit visit drug-related personnel ➱ the villages and towns strictly implement the control measures of drug users, through the adoption of wechat report, roll call and other ways, to grasp the dynamics of social drug users;For those who have regular urine test, they should report to the police station for urine test on time under the condition of taking protective measures, and do not leak or lose tube.Recently, the Yangtze river town drug control office organized the community to quit the community health personnel to the police station for urine test.Verify personnel information one by one during urine test to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of urine test results.Urine tests were all negative.Changjiang town on the community quit community health personnel organization urine test ➱ recently, the county market supervision bureau, postal branch, the Federation of trade unions and the town of Ginkgo use the Spring Festival migrant workers return home opportunity, vigorously carry out multi-form anti-drug publicity activities.By issuing anti-drug publicity manual, such as, souvenirs, played out anti-drug anti-drug publicity means an anti-drug atmosphere, to introduce the types of drugs and drug harm to individuals, families and even society, cautions during the Spring Festival to stay away from drugs, consciously enhance vigilance against the drug, enhancing drug control line.Hengshan county units and towns to carry out anti-drug publicity Hengshan County through a number of measures to implement the Spring Festival drug control and drug prevention education and other work, put an end to drug users at the same time, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of the county to crack down on drug illegal criminal activities.(Writer: Jia Binbin)