Failed talks with Tesla, removed from gem weighting index, sanctioned by the US?A week of market value evaporation of 240 billion “ning Wang” emergency alarm, said all malicious rumors

2022-09-23 0 By

Caiunited News Agency (Shanghai, researcher Yao Hui), Ningde Times released a statement on its official Weibo account at noon today, saying that a series of malicious rumors about Ningde Times being imposed sanctions by the United States, being removed from the GEM weight index, and falling out of talks with Tesla have recently appeared on the network platform, causing market misunderstanding and misinterpretation, affecting the corporate reputation.The rumor was much ado about nothing, baseless and vile in nature.In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company, our company has officially reported the case to the public security organ on February 12, 2022, and will investigate the rumor maker for legal responsibility according to law.Up to Friday’s close, Ningde Times reported 489.99 yuan/share, the latest market value of 1.142 trillion yuan, this week’s share price fell as high as 17.32%, the market value of nearly 240 billion yuan.Since the stock price hit a new high of 692 yuan on December 3, 2021, Ningde Times has suffered the largest cumulative decline of nearly 30%, and gem index has fallen 21% in the same period (entering a technical bear market).Ningde times stock price trend daily chart over the weekend a rumor in the market fermentation.It is rumored that BYD took part of Tesla’s orders from Ningde and obtained 204,000 units of batteries per year from Tesla. The single blade battery model is C112F, and the mass production will start in March this year!Ningde Times responded positively that its talks with Tesla were malicious rumors, which caused market misunderstanding and affected the company’s reputation.According to another media report, “Talks with Tesla fell apart, which is not true.”Tesla officials responded.In addition, as of press, BYD did not respond to the matter.Was removed gem weight index hearsay, Ningde times this is also said to be a rumor.On February 8, a screenshot from an alleged “securities agency” report said: according to the feedback from relevant insiders to the securities agency, as of the beginning of the New Year, Ningde Times has triggered systemic risks, and relevant regulatory authorities are considering removing ningde Times from the gem index weight.But according to the financial union inquiry, there is no media called “securities agency”, currently published the original screenshots have been deleted.As for the rumor of sanctions by the United States, the reporter of Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily reported the first time on February 8 to clarify.Recently, the seller of ningde era of research newspaper analysis appeared sharp differences.Ubs said ningde era is a buying opportunity, target price of 700 yuan.On Feb. 10, Wei Zhichao, chief economist at Capital Securities, published a report titled “How Much longer can The Ningde Era Fall? A Quantitative Perspective.”According to the report, the stock price trend of Kweichow Moutai in 2021 can be referenced to analyze the future rise and fall of Ningde Times from the perspective of short-term market sentiment.Through fitting, it can be judged that the adjustment of Ningde era may not be over, and there may still be 20% space for decline in the future. It is recommended to sell.But the financial Associated Press reporter on February 11 the first time learned that the ningde bearish road show was scheduled to be held at 20 o ‘clock on Friday was temporarily cancelled.