Every time there is a scandal, big things happen, peng wenzheng fumed

2022-09-23 0 By

[news page – Taiwan network] according to Taiwan “when the electronic newspaper” reported that Taiwan authorities leader tsai ing-wen “paper” continuous fermentation, the island’s media Dennis weng-jeng peng this trailer to today (February 8) at 10 am 30 points in Taiwan a body of international public press conference condemned shield tsai ing-wen, Ph.D., director of the university of London degree fraud, s academic dignity,But last night, Taiwan’s administrative authorities suddenly announced that a press conference on Japan’s Fukushima food ban would be held today. Peng wenzheng therefore announced that his press conference would be postponed to 10:30 PM on September 9, and said, “Every time there is a major press conference on a paper scandal, there happens to be a major social concern, which is always successful!”Peng wenzheng said that while tsai’s academic scandal is about basic core values of democracy, opening up Japan’s nuclear food system is about the health of the whole nation.Considering the limited space of public opinion and news media, we decided to “yield to the Taiwan administration” so that the public can have a full opportunity to participate in and understand the policy related to the lifting of the nuclear food ban.(Source: Huaxia Jingwei Network)