During the Spring Festival, I successfully completed the communication guarantee for the Spring Festival and the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Gangtaizhou Mobile

2022-09-23 0 By

Watching the Spring Festival Gala, grabbing red envelopes, sending blessings…New Year move finger, beautiful moment transfer.As new usage habits spread, the capacity and quality of communication networks will directly affect our online experience.These seemingly simple and easy operations are supported by powerful network communication.During the Spring Festival, Taizhou Mobile successfully fulfilled the “three zeros” guarantee targets of “zero” major network failure, “zero” major network security accident and “zero” major customer complaint during the Spring Festival and the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. The network of the whole region ran smoothly and all indicators remained normal.During the guarantee period, the Party Branch of Taizhou Mobile Engineering and Maintenance Department set up a special guarantee team with the party branch secretary and members as the core and supported by professional backbone and emergency repair team. It jointly carried out all-round 7×24 hour monitoring and on duty. Through centralized dispatching APP, it confirmed on-site punching and arrival every day.Establish “important indicators monitoring and fault response group”, improve the network monitoring and fault disposal quick response mechanism;A total of 240 personnel and 119 vehicles were dispatched to cope with signal fluctuations and sudden breakdowns during the festival.When the “Winter Olympics fever” meets the “Chinese Year”, this Spring Festival, destined to infinite visual wonderful.The sports spirit of “faster, higher, stronger” has long been integrated into the deployment of communications support.Related monitoring data showed that the peak flow rate of Internet TV and platform utilization indexes in The whole region on New Year’s Eve and during the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games were within the predicted and controllable range.Steady, smooth, is the best holiday appearance.