Common statistical problems in medical papers

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Medical paper is the crystallization and expression of scientific research work, and is a perfect combination of related medical specialty, statistics and writing.The compilation and induction of medical jin Tong found that nowadays, there are few medical scientific research and few medical papers without statistics.Many papers have various statistical problems of varying degrees.How to identify and deal with statistical problems in papers is of reference significance for medical research design, medical paper writing and review and revision. Therefore, authors should have keen discrimination and insight and timely review and revision of statistical errors in papers.Common statistical problems in medical papers are as follows: 1. Common problems in study design.There are many problems in the research design of this paper, such as ignoring inter-group equilibrium, insufficient sample size, no inclusion standard, no exclusion standard, lack of representative samples, no control group, no random grouping, no statistical analysis method, and no appropriate statistical method (commonly seen in multifactorial analysis and multiple medical reference value).2. Common problems in data collection.There are many problems such as low epidemiological survey rate, low response rate, incomplete data, not collected according to the best design, and unstable observation objects.3. Common problems in sorting out data.There are some problems in the paper, such as unreasonable grouping and not arranging data according to design.4. Common problems in statistical inference.There are often some problems in the paper, such as improper statistical methods, using constituent ratio or prevalence rate as incidence rate, not using standardized rate, calculating relative number when the number of cases is small, wrong calculation, lack of comparability between groups, drawing conclusions without hypothesis testing, etc.Common problems in statistical description.There are often defects in statistical tables, statistical charts, wrong numbers, wrong statistical terms, no table or graph instead of text description, no statistical method, statistical quantity description, duplication between graphs, tables and text, misuse of units of weights and measures, etc.Common problems in medical practice and application.It is common to use single index method to determine the range of multiple medical reference value, and use incorrect method to establish the range of medical reference value.