Add chief technician!China is exploring the establishment of the “new eight-grade workers” system

2022-09-23 0 By

Recently, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security that China is exploring the establishment of a “new eight” professional skill level system for skilled talents, namely from low to high, in apprentice, primary, intermediate, senior, technician, senior technician, special technicians on the basis of the chief technician.In the 1950s, the eighth-grade workers in China were regarded as gods by many people, earning considerable salaries and being respected by society.The construction of “new eight-level workers” is to further improve the career prospects of skilled talents and encourage more workers to rely on skills to grow into talents.”The chief technician is an innovation from the grassroots and we are currently summing up the experience.If possible, it will create a smoother career path for skilled personnel.”People and social security ministry occupation ability construction department director Liu Kang said.According to him, in recent years, the professional development evaluation of skilled workers in China has been five levels, namely junior workers, intermediate workers, senior workers, technicians and senior technicians.In 2021, new apprenticeships for companies will be rolled out across the country, creating apprenticeships before entry-level jobs.Since then, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security launched a special technician pilot, the effect is very good.”The establishment of the new eighth-grade worker system will help break down the ‘ceiling’ and ‘invisible door’ for the growth of skilled workers.”Liu Kang said, “on the one hand, it is to expand the vertical development channel. Some people are already senior technicians at the age of 30 or 40, and their career needs to be further promoted and developed to a higher level.On the other hand, we will expand the space for horizontal development. Next, we will introduce some new measures in terms of treatment level and incentive guarantee for skilled talents.”Source: Xinhua News Agency;YuFangHua