Zhengzhou City Hengshan Road Kindergarten held a flag-raising ceremony for the new semester

2022-09-22 0 By

(Cheng Chuanzhong report correspondent: Zhang Youchen) Spring cold, winter jasmine, through the joy and peace, warmth overflow of the winter holiday, with a new mood, new hope, ushered in the new semester, On the morning of February 17, the upper block Hengshan Road kindergarten held a flag-raising ceremony for the new semester.The teacher team is not afraid of the cold, in the company of snow held a solemn flag-raising ceremony on the playground.Each class and group led children to carry out the flag-raising ceremony in class.The national anthem sounded, the bright five-star red flag slowly rose, teachers, children to the national flag line salute, with full state of mind to meet the arrival of the new semester.The national flag fluttering in the kindergarten playground over the wind, the balance of young children in the era of happiness, free to soar in the balance of young garden happy healthy thrive!Small ceremony, big feelings!Although the location is different, but the ceremony is as solemn, the heart is as hot, I believe that with the unremitting efforts of all teachers and young, flowers will bloom for us, applause will ring because of us, hengshan Road kindergarten tomorrow will be more beautiful!(Zhang Youchen, Kindergarten, Hengshan Road, Shangqu District, Zhengzhou)