Yantai city Spring Festival holiday social stability and good order

2022-09-22 0 By

During the Spring Festival, the city’s public security organs in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government and the provincial public security department, the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympic Games security as the opening of the New Year, all police on duty, dedicated to create a peaceful atmosphere for the masses to celebrate the festival.During the festival, the city received a total of 7824 effective police reports, criminal and public security police decreased by 52.7% and 35% respectively, the city’s highways, national and provincial roads safe and smooth, the city scenic order, the overall social peace and stability.The municipal Public Security Bureau is mainly responsible for comrades to go into the frontline and conduct on-the-spot supervision. During the Spring Festival and the opening night of the Winter Olympic Games, they are on duty in the command hall of the Municipal Bureau.Team members and the subcontracting sub-municipal bureau, team responsibility binding, front-line operations.In particular, from New Year’s Eve to the third day of the New Year, the city bureau organs sent police to the grass-roots support work every day, the whole police up and down the political order police order has always been in the end, to ensure that pull, rush, win.To carry out centralized road traffic rectification campaign, daily intelligent monitoring of traffic travel situation, timely release of “two announcement and one hint”, strictly regulate and investigate drunk driving, rural “double violation”, driving without a license and other prominent illegal behaviors, investigation and rectification of 10,756 hidden dangers, investigated 48,490 traffic violations of all kinds.We will fight a tough battle against the burning and setting off of fireworks, intensify efforts in social publicity, cleaning and confiscation, source control and grid inspection, and promptly stop and investigate illegal acts of setting off fireworks.710 fireworks retail outlets were inspected, and 3 cases of illegal storage of fireworks and 6 cases of illegal setting off of fireworks were investigated and dealt with.We intensified tracking and supervision of dangerous and explosive materials, carried out centralized rectification of rental houses, key elements of production, and fire and fire hazards in winter and spring, inspected over 4,000 key sites such as “nine small venues” and rented houses, screened over 20,000 floating people, and removed and remedied over 10,800 hidden dangers, and continued to improve public security.We will strengthen safety supervision of tourist attractions, urge organizers, scenic spots and amusement parks to fulfill their responsibilities, and strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, public security control and traffic guidance to ensure good public security and traffic order. At the same time, we will strengthen measures such as screening and follow-up visits, joint traffic prevention and control, and maritime prevention and control to firmly build a defense line against the epidemic.Every day, more than 5,600 police officers, 1,200 police vehicles, 30 Ptus, and 4,707 people were mobilized to effectively increase the rate of police observation, management, and deterrence.We will intensify the winter campaign to crack down on crimes involving guns and explosives, telecom fraud, cross-border gambling, robbery and fraud, and food and drug trafficking, and effectively improve people’s sense of security.