The young players of the post-2000 generation were at the bottom of the table. The Chinese team still made history and advanced. The talented girls played almost perfectly

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The 2022 Beijing Olympics, figure skating team women’s short program of project, after China 00 teenager Zhu Yi full first appearances, but it is a pity that she will fall’s mistake, the final at the bottom, but after the four projects, China ranked 5th grade and line pressing to qualify the free, also created the project.Zhu Yi was the first one in the field, but she fell too close to the barrier after three weeks of inside ice and then three weeks of outside ice. In the end, her performance was not ideal, only getting 47.03 points, ranking the last among the 10 competitors, only getting one point for China.Russian girl genius camilla – in “the last, the result is no suspense, she played well, with an almost perfect performance was ranked no. 1 (technical points and 51.67 38.51, content, short programme scored 90.18 points), as the team scored 10 points, have to say, in she really is no rival,Some netizens also joked: “Men have Yuanyu Yuanyu, women have Valieva ah, enough to see how strong valieva’s ruling power.The Chinese team performed well in the first three events and got 21 points, ranking the third. With zhu Yi’s 1 point, the Chinese team got 22 points after four events and ranked the fifth, pushing the line to advance to the second stage of the gold medal competition.After finishing seventh and sixth in the previous two Winter Olympics, China made history by placing fifth this time.Now, Zhu Yi estimated that the heart is also a long sigh of relief.In addition, the Russian Olympic team, the United States team, the Japanese team are also promoted.