The “warming mode” in Liaoning is about to start, with the highest temperature rising to…Liao aunt son chat

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February 5th, the fifth day of the first lunar month good morning!Liaoning “heating mode” is about to open today is the second day of the “LiuJiu” today and tomorrow is the lunar New Year holiday last two days the sun still dotted with the blue sky can also be into the cause of the “spring” quietly recovered slightly to shenyang today the highest temperatures – 5 ℃ after the “spring” throttle liaoning heating mode to open this morning should be one of the most cold during the Spring Festival the most in the morningLow temperature in the northeast, east and west parts of 25 ℃ below zero to minus 20 ℃ is expected to begin 7 will heat up the climax of the north wind chill continue to clean the sky whether to go out, return or everybody at home the weather just entertain still should pay attention to keep warm in the morning and evening to pay attention to the “spring” does not mean that the spring is especially after a winter of the earth had already chilled frozen solid even if the temperature upward trendBut the cold still seeps through the mountains and rivers from all sides. It takes time for plants to wake up. It takes time to take off their heavy padded clothes.New Year atmosphere feeling pull full!On February 2nd, the south Mangosteen Sea in Liyang, Jiangsu province ushered in the first snow of the Year of the Tiger. Ten thousand mu of green bamboo was covered with snow, just like the fairy tale world. The dragon and lion dance performance became the most jumping red in the vast snow scene, attracting many tourists to watch and create a different atmosphere of the New Year.One finger Zen stamp title read!Source: Liaoshen Evening News (LSWBWX) integrated Shenyang meteorological, New North, China Weather network, @ WISu features editor: Zou Peixuan