The old woman asked for 100,000 yuan in bride price directly on the blind date. The old man said frankly, “If you want too much, I will give you 50,000 yuan at most.

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Bride price is an inevitable topic when talking about marriage. The amount of bride price varies from person to person and also varies greatly in different regions. Most of it is 300,000 yuan, as long as both parties negotiate well in advance.Bride price is indispensable for young people to get married. It can not only increase the festive atmosphere of the wedding, but also make both parties have face. It is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone.Elderly people marry more value two people can support each other, take care of each other, spend their old age life, they put the bride price, three gold and other forms of things look very light, many people do not directly bride price.There are also some elderly people who insist on the bride price, which is usually 350,000 yuan, which is more symbolic because they know that compared to the bride price, the two people love each other and live a solid life is more important than anything else.Some damas are confused on this issue and insist on asking for high betrothal gifts, with predictable results.68 years old, divorced, he is healthy, cheerful and popular.Grandpa Yu owns three houses and runs a small shop. His annual income is 80,000 yuan and his economic condition is good.Uncle Yu is not old, he often feels lonely, he initiated the idea of looking for a wife.For the other half of the uncle’s requirements are not high, he does not care about the other party has money, do not care about the other party has a house, he wants to find a healthy, family-oriented, and his like-minded wife.Uncle Yu said: “I value eye edge very much, as long as I think she is good, I can meet all her material requirements, I will dress her up beautifully, will never treat her badly!”Uncle Yu values looks very much and it is his dream to find a young and beautiful wife.In accordance with the requirements of uncle Matchmaker arranged aunt Hu to date.Mrs. Hu is 60 years old and widowed. Mrs. Hu has a house and a pension of 1000 yuan.Mrs. Hu is well-groomed and well-maintained, making her look younger than her peers.After the meeting, Aunt Hu was not satisfied with uncle Yu. Aunt Hu felt that Uncle Yu’s house was not clean enough. She said, “It is good enough for ordinary men to tidy up like this, but in my mind, it is not good enough.”I could see that Aunt Hu was a woman of taste and strict requirements.Uncle Yu had a good impression of Aunt Hu. He thought aunt Hu was beautiful and talked well. He praised Her, which showed his satisfaction.”I like dancing, especially social dancing. Dancing can improve my temperament and exercise my body, which is good for many things. But I never dance with the opposite sex.”Aunt Hu’s words won uncle Yu’s favor, uncle Yu said he had no hobbies, the biggest hobby is work.Uncle Yu spends most of his time looking at the store. When he has nothing to do, he reads the news and newspapers. He is more concerned about current events.Aunt Hu thinks that she is willing to accept new things and is a positive and optimistic person. On the other hand, Uncle Yu is boring and too traditional. She worries that they will have conflicts due to their differences in concept after getting together.”I support your dancing, AND I support your pursuit of fashion. I won’t interfere in your affairs.”Uncle Yu’s words pleased Aunt Hu very much.Aunt Hu took the initiative to talk about her shortcomings. She said that she did things carelessly, sometimes she would put things off, and she could not cook, she did not know whether Uncle Yu could accept these things.According to common sense, each person will present his or her own advantages in the hope of winning the other person’s favor.Aunt Hu did the opposite. She spoke out her shortcomings without reservation. Aunt Hu believed that if the other party could accept her shortcomings, they would get along well with each other.Aunt Hu’s idea was very practical and reliable. Uncle Yu was moved by Aunt Hu’s frankness and straightforwardness.Uncle Yu said that he didn’t mind these things, and that he could cook, and that he would always cook for Aunt Hu.They chat more and more speculative, more and more intimate, dating atmosphere is very good.”My relationship with my ex-wife was not very good,” Yu said of his last marriage. “I worked outside to make money while she kept the house. She often asked for money from me for various reasons and even had the idea of running a small shop.Uncle Yu attached great importance to money. In his future marriage, he wanted to control the economic power of the family, but he would not haggle over every detail about money. He was willing to spend money on each other and bear all the expenses of life.Uncle Yu will not spend Aunt Hu’s money, he will also give Aunt Yu living expenses, on economic issues, Uncle Yu is quite open-minded.Blind date here is a success, uncle hu aunt, Aunt Hu also think uncle hu is good, at this time Aunt Hu put forward an excessive request, is this request to blind date deadlock.Aunt Hu said bluntly, “You have a good financial condition and I am willing to stay with you, but if you want to give me some bride gift, I said openly, no more, no less, I want 100,000 yuan. In the other month, you can save 1,000 yuan for me, and in the year, you can save 10,000 yuan for me, and everything else is easy.”Aunt Hu asked Her husband to give her a bride gift of 100,000 yuan and a monthly allowance of 1,000 yuan, to which She explained: “I asked for money not because I am greedy, but for security. After all, he is no longer old. If something happens to him in the future, I will feel secure if I have money.”Aunt Hu’s idea is not unreasonable, but Uncle Yu has a different view.Uncle Yu agreed to give betrothal gift, uncle Yu thought aunt Hu wanted too much, he could not satisfy, they had differences on the question of betrothal gift.Aunt Hu asked uncle Yu for advice: “How much money do you think is appropriate for betrothal gift? Let me listen to your opinion.”Uncle Yu only offered 50,000 yuan at most, but Aunt Hu disagreed and asked him to add a little more.”We are talking about feelings,” yu said. “How can we bargain like buying things?”Uncle Yu refused to give more, Aunt Hu refused to give in, they did not give in to each other, deadlock, so the blind date ended in discord.Yu was hurt by financial problems in his last marriage, and that’s why he takes money very seriously.He wants to control the economic power of the family, at the same time to covet the money of the woman is particularly repellent, it is obvious that Aunt Hu challenged the bottom line of uncle Yu, this is an important reason for Uncle Yu to reject Aunt Hu.There was no problem with Aunt Hu asking for a bride price. The problem was that Aunt Hu asked for 100,000 yuan directly. Many young girls would not dare to ask for such a large bride price when they got married.Uncle Yu and Aunt Hu are quite matched in all aspects, they are the most suitable combination, Aunt Hu asked for 100,000 yuan directly, a beautiful marriage is missed, it is really a pity.Do you think it’s too much for Aunt Hu to ask 100,000 yuan for betrothal gift?Do you think Uncle Yu should promise Aunt Hu?Welcome to comment.