Shenzhen, Yanis is facing a real test!Double kill Beijing! Salinger’s gonna hang up again!

2022-09-22 0 By

The focus of this round of the battle is in Beijing and shenzhen, because both teams ranking close, close, the only difference is the of Beijing for reinforcements, plug and play, let the team suddenly seemed to have the vigor, has launched, have a strong team final, to be able to play their due level, and shenzhen are some of the downturn, poor condition,Of course, also may be the strategic adjustment of coach Qiu Biao, for this round is to win Beijing, win the fight for this ranking.And Beijing state is good, no problem, not them because of their recent strength is limited, only showdown with shenzhen, this is the real test, this for coach yanni si, is a good chance, to prove now with reinforcements, Jeremy also find the feeling, the whole team played a level, it depends on yanni, exactly how to allocate the arrangement, let this level,Rather than a strong enemy hit back to its original form, so it is a donkey is a horse, pull out of the yo, Shenzhen is undoubtedly a better opponent.Can see strong foreign aid brown also as usual, or plug and play for, see whether Jeremy can continue crazy, or is in a flash, and can see inside the twin towers entrusts with an important task, or meet a weak to strong, in a series of tests, is a good exercise for Beijing, because shenzhen team worthy of,And they are even doing better than Beijing, at least in terms of rankings, and shenzhen is now ahead, albeit sluggish, but not necessarily inferior to Beijing.So our shenzhen, yanni will behave well, Beijing will go all out to avoid double is the first, more important is through the positive training, find my own shortcomings, better improve, so that the next can really play the European norm, can keep can attack is not difficult, if not, prevention, guard, not sharp enough,Then the featureless Beijing is most likely a tour.League continues, of course, still break can adjust the end of the second phase, so the match shenzhen, Beijing, is to have a good scratch opportunity, both to win, also want to found the problem, we said is the test for Beijing, validation team and the sustainability of the reinforcements, then to shenzhen, is the self adjustment,In the face of Beijing, which likes to slow down, Beijing with twin towers and Beijing with strong assistance, shenzhen can continue to be strong and come out of the last downturn as soon as possible, which is the key to affect the game.Shenzhen, after all, if you want to win, win, Mr France is certainly want to play, but also according to not play, play mad, France is quite completely, so in front of the digging in the twin towers in Beijing, Mr France pandemic is likely to be, because he is belong to the more the more excited, didn’t feel players do not prevent, in a downturn, may be for the game goes on,An open may be a big killing quartet, leading the whole team in Shenzhen, let Beijing unable to partake.For fans, certainly don’t want to see a one-sided game, because a strong dialogue only more interesting, even supporters of the Beijing ducks, or supporters of the shenzhen team, or they don’t want to one-sided way of winning, but to take each other to win the real, so let’s wait and see, looking forward to Beijing fei of Europe,Look forward to not press salinger let Shenzhen full launch.Come on, Beijing!Come on, Shenzhen!