Li Aiwu led a team to send New Year’s greetings

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On January 30, li Aiwu, deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor of The CPC Central Committee, led a team to visit soldiers, frontline workers and advanced individuals fighting the epidemic, and sent them best wishes for the Chinese New Year.Sun Zhicheng, secretary general of the Municipal government and relevant department heads attended.Li aiwu shook hands and talked with officers and soldiers and extended New Year greetings to them at a garrison in Yue.”Yueyang has long had a good tradition of supporting the military and giving priority to their dependants,” Li said. “We will, as always, support the reform and construction of the armed forces, fully implement policies on supporting the military and giving priority to their dependants, and provide a strong guarantee for promoting the common development of the military and civilian areas.”It is hoped that the army will continue to pay attention to the development of Yueyang and work together to unite and gather strength for the reform and development of Yueyang.In its yueyang power supply company operation department, ai-wu li heard the recent power grid operation and guaranteed work report, such as electric ready to Spring Festival, to its yueyang power supply company for a long time to fulfill social responsibility actively, yueyang economic and social development and the people express our heartfelt thanks for electric power production and living security, protect electric preparations for the Spring Festival to express fully affirmed,We encourage everyone to stick to their posts and provide a strong guarantee for the safe and stable supply of electricity in the city during the Spring Festival.Visiting the COVID-19 prevention and control Headquarters, Li Aiwu visited yu Dinggang, Wu Yonggang and Li Fang, the leading individuals in the fight against the epidemic, thanked them for their contributions during the epidemic and extended his best wishes to them and their families for the New Year of the Tiger.Li also listened to the headquarters’ report on the recent routine epidemic prevention and control work, and made a video call to the headquarters of all counties and urban areas to express sympathy and gratitude on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government.During the Spring Festival, she says, had a holiday, most gay but you fight a line still, very hard but also a glorious, hope you will continue to carry forward the arduous struggle the style, with strong sense of responsibility good epidemic prevention and control, the measures to fall down small fall in place, to surefire coordination in one thousand, make sure you have a warm and comfortable.Yueyang Daily all media reporter: Liu Minwen Photographer: Zhou Jiaojiao