Jiangjin District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision highlights “three new” as accurate “portrait” of discipline inspection and supervision cadres

2022-09-22 0 By

“Hello, Secretary MAO, have you personally participated in network broadcast and video production and made any profits?””No, I’d rather spend time with my family than just doing my job.”Recently, Jiangjin district commission for Discipline inspection supervision committee cadre supervision office came to Xia Ba town, just took office of the new secretary of the Commission for discipline inspection MAO Xingping launched a “shock” type of clean government talk.This year, metro commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee in accordance with the commission’s new era on strengthening cadre supervision of discipline inspection work opinion “and the city commission for discipline inspection work requirements, around three aspects to talking object, conversation, way, innovation, integrity, conversation, for the new promoted new cadres of discipline inspection precision” portrait “, to strengthen the discipline inspection cadres who takes the cultivation of clean government,Guard against “dark under the lamp”.Highlight the “new” in your conversation partner.Talking points for new adjustment of discipline inspection commission secretary, new cadres of discipline inspection and reporting problems, issues, which leads more discipline inspection organization, and according to the different situation of object, control its responsibilities and duties are to conduct heart-to-heart talks, both to help new comrade “button first buttons”, and “old” problem “new” pressure conduction.Highlight the “new” in the conversation.Before the talk, the district commission for Discipline Inspection supervision committee dry supervision room on the discipline inspection cadres under the new situation of the invisible variation of clean government risk points to carry out research, comb out the discipline inspection cadres themselves, their spouses hold stocks, funds, bitcoin;Whether to recharge online game currency;Whether to participate in the profit of live video and other 12 new questions.During the talk, he insisted on problem orientation and talked about 12 new issues with a clear target, which improved the accuracy of the traditional “portrait” of clean government.Highlight the “new” in your conversational style.Adopt “interview + walk talk” double combination mode, omni-directional understanding cadre political portrait.”Interview group” take do not say hello, direct unit way, with the supervision of the object face to face communication, random listen to the talk to introduce the cadre team construction, fulfill the “one post double responsibility” and family family education situation, and real-time docking “walk talk group” update the conversation content.”Walking and talking group” through the sunken visit, access to data, to the village discipline inspection committee members, supervision supervisors, local people to understand the performance of cadres, check files, find whether there is formalism, bureaucracy and other tendencies, will understand the problem to the “interview group” feedback in time.”Through talk, we all have new hired and promoted disciplinary inspection cadre’s political” portrait “, and formed the stem cells supervise investigation list, through this form can clearly understand the characteristics of the conversation object character, career information such as the idea, to work, you can even see the window on the cadres and the insufficiency in recent years,It is more conducive to strengthening the supervision and management of cadres and the construction of clean party conduct.”The person in charge of the supervision office of the district commission for Discipline inspection said that in the future, it will also make greater efforts to expand the extension of the conversation of the cadres for discipline inspection, further innovate the way of talking, and quench the faithful, clean and responsible discipline inspection team.Up to now, jiangjin district commission for Discipline inspection and supervision commission dry supervision room has 28 cadres of discipline inspection and supervision to carry out a clean government talk.Among them, 4 discipline inspection and supervision cadres were newly promoted, 6 were newly recruited into the discipline inspection and supervision system, and 13 were in charge of discipline inspection and supervision organizations whose handling of the number of problem clues was behind in 2021.