How can life be so dull in middle age

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Last night, my friend invited me to sit with him. Every year during the Spring Festival, we always get together to drink and make merry. This year, there are many things, so the party has been put off until now.There was an old classmate whom I had not seen for several years.It is said that sales were made after he graduated, because of the reason of working nature, often drift about outside, the wife cannot stand lonely, have an affair, had to leave marriage, the son judged to him.This is a few years ago to listen to others said, asked his recent situation, he said with a wry smile, the year before the marriage.Seeing that he doesn’t want to mention family matters, we can’t ask too many questions.But after all, it was an old classmate who had not seen each other for many years, so he could not help but drink two more glasses. They all said that mood determines the amount of alcohol, which is true.After two glasses of wine, the student’s chatterbox opened up, a middle-aged man’s emotional process in his slightly drunk state without reservation poured out.After the divorce of the students, with their children, because of the frequent running, is really unable to take good care of the children.So he left his child in the care of his parents back home.Now the son is eighteen years old and going to college.In 2019, the old student met zhu Yan, her current wife, who was widowed.Zhu Yan’s husband died unexpectedly, leaving behind a son and a daughter. The son, who was one year younger than the son of her old classmate, lived with Zhu Yan, while the daughter, who was six years old at the time, lived with her grandparents because she could not take care of her.About the same age, similar life experience, so that two hearts have been hurt quickly came together.Since her husband passed away, Zhu Yan rented a house outside and her son lived on campus and came home once every two weeks, so she basically lived alone.Old classmate and Zhu Yan know not long, two people then cohabit.Before long, Zhu Yan became pregnant. Her old classmate didn’t want the baby. She thought it was too heavy to have another child now that there were three.But Zhu Yan insisted to be born, ao however, the old classmate had to obey.The couple got a marriage license in late 2019 and tied the knot quietly.Do not know what reason later, the fetus in Zhu Yan’s abdomen develops abnormally, but had to abort.After marriage, his old classmate was very fond of his wife.She loves me, loves my dog, and is equally generous with her son and daughter.From snacks to clothes to school fees, she bought her son an iPhone worth more than 10,000 yuan during the epidemic.However, with the arrival of the New Year 2020, the epidemic has affected the career of my old classmates.Once bragged to lend his brother-in-law one hundred thousand dollars to buy a car, the car bought, one hundred thousand dollars but no trace, which makes his brother-in-law indignant, Zhu Yan often complain, said now are embarrassed to return home.Zhu Yan’s son and he are not aligned, often said that old classmates are not willing to spend money on their women, his mother is not true and so on.Although 2021 is better, but in the face of a family of five eating and drinking, plus the tuition of three children, the old students still feel inadequate, at the end of the year, a lot of debts are not to come up, when the New Year people are buying New Year goods, the old students are still on the road to urge the account.He works outside as a grandson and asks for money from his wife and children.At his wits’ end, he gave his wife the $5,000 the company had given him to buy gifts for clients.To this day, ten days after the New Year, he has not returned home.In the middle of the wine, his old classmate was drunk, and he repeatedly said, “How can you become a middle-aged man?”