Epidemic prevention spring ploughing is not a mistake!Rice planting has begun in Nan ‘an

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Weather warmed rice into the planting period of zhuhai agricultural sector introduced various measures and epidemic prevention principle of spring to ensure orderly spring production on March 25, in the town of mountain springs, Jane food garden forestry professional cooperatives, 320 acres of land have good leveling, cooperative staff driving transplanter shuttling back and forth in the field in the rain, rows of uniform seedlings was inserted into the field.Wu Caiqing, head of the Agricultural and Forestry Cooperative in Liangshan Village, Yingdu Town, said: Transplanting rice seedlings began on March 24 and could be basically completed by March 31.In order to ensure timely planting of rice seedlings, agricultural authorities have been actively guiding farmers to seize the good weather to raise rice seedlings and fertilize the land to ensure that the land is ready for sowing.The rural township government revitalization of service center director Dai Qingliang: we put the town to each village 9000 mu spring production task decomposition, task of spring planting, schedule, and the second is ready to the deployment of supplies, we have six agricultural materials store in town, and are available in the goods, we ensure that agricultural materials store to help coordinate the materials, to ensure that farmers need a place to purchase agricultural supplies.When the epidemic broke out suddenly, while helping farmers with the allocation of supplies, agricultural authorities also actively instructed farmers to take epidemic prevention and control measures, giving full play to the role of agricultural machinery, and minimizing contact and gathering of people.Wu Caiqing, head of the Agricultural and Forestry Cooperative in Liangshan Village, Yingdu Town, said all staff should check their health code, wear masks, stay as far away from each other as possible and avoid contact with each other.Hong Jiangcheng, party member and third-level director of Nan ‘an Rural Agriculture Bureau: We provide remote guidance to farmers to provide technical guidance through wechat, public account and telephone.As spring sowing continues, we will focus on fertilization and pest control in the next stage. We will also continue to provide remote guidance to farmers on pest control and soil fertilization and improvement through wechat.It is understood that this year, the city’s early rice planting area of more than 158 thousand mu, has completed 90 percent of the dissolved fields, gradually into the transplant period.According to statistics, about 30% of rice is now planted in spring, and the task of spring sowing can be completed around qingming.Reporter: Liao Linyu, Huang Zhichao correspondent: Lei Mingjiao, Hong Zongzhou editor: Wu Mingyu