Convenient!Kunming Children’s Hospital has established 137 allied hospitals in the province

2022-09-22 0 By

Today (February 8), the director of Kunming Children’s Hospital visited Kunming Broadcasting and Television station “Spring City Hotline” to interact with citizens on the appointment of expert, alliance hospital construction and other content.”My relatives live in Qujing, and I really want to register with the Expert Register in Kunming, but I often can’t. I don’t know how to register with the expert register.”Citizen Ms Zhang calls hotline to inquire.Kunming children’s Hospital president Zhang Tiesong introduced, at present the city children’s hospital has established 137 pediatric alliance hospitals in the province.In addition to online appointment and expert registration, citizens can also seek medical treatment through the nearby Alliance hospital.Qujing Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital is one of the allied hospitals of Kunming Children’s Hospital.”For the province’s union hospital of pediatrics channel set up a good platform, in June 2017, the children’s hospital of kunming calls state grading medical policy, established the” yunnan pediatric alliance “, the province so far a total of 137 pediatric medical institutions to join in the league, basic covers the entire province each county general hospital of pediatrics and maternal and child health care hospital of pediatrics.”Liu Xiaomei, vice president of Kunming Children’s Hospital, introduced that Kunming Children’s Hospital will hold an alliance annual meeting every year. At the annual meeting, we will invite provincial, domestic and even international pediatric experts to exchange cutting-edge knowledge of pediatrics, so that primary doctors can access international and domestic advanced theoretical knowledge and technology.Doctors of the Alliance Hospital can regularly go to the municipal Children’s Hospital for further study and training;Two-way referrals can be made between allied hospitals.”For some complicated diseases, we have gradually established a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system. For example, we have formulated corresponding standards for what kind of disease is to what degree, and whether it should be transferred to a higher hospital for treatment.Secondly, in terms of chronic disease management, diagnosis and treatment will be realized in the upper level medical institutions in the acute and minor stages in the future.To the rehabilitation period, maintenance treatment period can be in primary medical institutions diagnosis and treatment.So patients don’t have to travel back and forth and they can get the same services locally during maintenance.”Liu xiaomei said.Editor: Tu Yongping