After Wuxi, two more “livable cities” have been discovered in Jiangsu province, with low consumption and pleasant weather

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Speaking of Wuxi, everyone will certainly feel familiar with it. It is not only the third largest city in Jiangsu province, but also a livable city with beautiful scenery. However, with the overall development of Jiangsu, many cities have gradually been discovered and become livable cities in jiangsu Province.Today xiaobian for you to introduce, is the province’s two new livable cities, beautiful scenery, good air, the key is not high prices.Changzhou changzhou in the province of the south, east and adjacent to wuxi, bordering west and nanjing, zhenjiang, occupies the absolute superiority, geographical position and changzhou or advanced manufacturing base and cultural tourism city, crossing the thatched cottage, tianning temple, Chen within the territory of ochre boat pavilion, west taihu lake and other scenic spots, is a very famous tourist attractions.In addition, the climate of Changzhou is also quite pleasant. Although the four seasons are distinct here, the annual temperature basically stays above 10 degrees. There is no cold winter and no hot summer.At the same time, the consumption level of Changzhou is also very low in jiangsu province. Taking the housing price as an example, the average housing price here is about 14,000 yuan, which is much higher than that of second-tier cities of the same grade, but this level is already a very good figure in Jiangsu Province.Of course, all aspects of changzhou supporting facilities are also very perfect, there are Changzhou Bull International Airport, changzhou station, Changzhou North Station, so we basically need not worry about travel.Nantong nantong in the south-eastern province, east to the yellow sea, south of the Yangtze river, on the waterway transportation occupies the absolute superiority, it is not only a modern port city in China, is also a city with a history of more than one thousand years, in the city of river scenic area, the Wolf mountain sites of scenic spot, increase garden, is is the landmark scenic area, every year to attract a large number of tourists to this.Many friends may not know that although Nantong is not famous, its economic aggregate has exceeded one trillion mark, and its superior economic foundation has also created complete supporting facilities in the city. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the imperfect supporting facilities in living here.In addition, the housing price of Nantong is almost the same as that of Changzhou, which is also a relatively low level in the province.If you are interested in these two cities, you can visit them first and experience the local life atmosphere.You have to feel it for yourself to understand how perfect it is.Ladies and gentlemen, what else do you think about these two cities?Welcome to reply in the comment area!There is a “gold” scenic spot in Shenzhen, although the ticket is as high as 200 yuan, but tourists say it is very reasonable to go out to travel, if you see the male and female symbols of the toilet is an elephant and a giraffe, how to distinguish?