Zhengzhou had “tiger infested”, with “tiger” place name you know how many?

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The Year of the Tiger is coming, and the streets of Zhengzhou are full of “tiger head and tiger brain”.If a non-local friend wants to see the tiger in Zhengzhou, he may go straight to Guanhutun.So, how did guan Hutun get its name?Historically, did Zhengzhou have tigers?February 3, this reporter visited.On January 25, zhengzhou Zoo, which had been closed due to the epidemic, resumed operations.The furry children are once again in the sights of tourists, and the scenic spot of Tiger Mountain attracts people to stop and take pictures for a long time with its mysterious charm.The reporter learned that zhengzhou Zoo was built and opened in Guanhu Village in 1985. At present, there are more than 20 tigers living in the tiger area, including south China tiger, Northeast tiger and Bengal white tiger.Now there are tigers in Guan, so “Guan Hutun” is worthy of the name, then, in the history of guan Hutun, there were tigers?Zhao Fuhai, vice president of zhengzhou Ancient Capital Society, expert of the municipal intangible cultural Heritage Expert Committee and distinguished researcher of the Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, told reporters that historically, there were a large number of tigers in Zhengzhou, and the Tiger Laoguan of Xingyang and Guanhutun of Zhengzhou urban area were named after them.”The tiger in Zhengzhou can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty, starting with king Mu of Zhou.”Zhao Fuhai told the story that King Mu of Zhou enjoyed hunting when he was idle. Once when he went to zhengzhou to hunt, a tiger suddenly attacked him. Gao Benrong, a bodyguard, rushed forward and subdued the tiger and presented it to King Mu of Zhou, and King Mu of Zhou ordered the tiger to be sent to a vacant lot of Xingyang Sinshui Town and locked up.As xing Yang’s tiger population grew, the place was given a unique name – Tiger Laoguan.”The name ‘Tiger Laoguan’ was also used in the Han Dynasty, but because the grandfather of Emperor Gaozu Li Yuan of the Tang Dynasty was named Li Hu, the name was changed to ‘Wu Laoguan’ in the Tang Dynasty.”Zhao Fuhai quite interested to tell the story.Local officials in the Ming Dynasty built a “Guan Hu Temple” to commemorate the village’s detention of tigers. “The captured tigers were temporarily imprisoned in a village near Putian, which is now Guan Hutun Village, before being sent to Xingyang.”Zhao fuhai said.Is zhengzhou Zoo built in Guanhutun related to this?To this, Zhao Fuhai shook his head no.”The name ‘Guan Hutun’ was created in the Ming Dynasty.”During the Ming Dynasty, local officials named the area ‘Guan Hu Tun’ and built a Guan Hu Temple to commemorate its tiger captivity, Mr. Zhao said.Built in the Ming Dynasty, guan Hu Temple, also known as the Temple of Three officials, has three main halls, but this statue is different from other temples. One of them has a tiger under his foot, another tiger is tied to a pillar at the gate of the temple, and another tiger is buckled under a big clock in the courtyard.”But these and zhengzhou zoo location is not very direct relationship.”Zhao fuhai said the zoo was originally located near Bishagong Park and there were no tigers at all.Later, considering the surrounding environment, the zoo was built on a vacant lot in the suburb, also known as Guanhutun.In addition, the reporter found, the light is containing the tiger, the names of places in zhengzhou has more than ten, in addition to “GuanHu chariot”, “tiger fastened off”, and new ones shown five tiger temple pavilion village, village, tiger, tiger rock village, tiger hill foot ditch, Yin Huquan ditch, gongyi ShanPo Village tiger, tiger village, village of zhongmou county BiHu dengfeng city leopard to slope gully, white tiger, tiger, tiger village, etc.