With a dream far, drunk love, east jun intentionally flowers and spring

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art with dream far, drunk love deep, east Jun intentionally bloom is spring.Graceful dance, spring dream sleep, have no intention to fight for love, just for the sunny day tomorrow.Climbing kyushu, the autumn wind has no intention of provoking sorrow, raise a glass to invite moon Yin huai sleepwalking.This is the world of mortals a grain of body, white hair with silver, green light ancient Buddha coarse tea liquor alcohol.Love is like wine solution thousand sorrow, yellow roll green lamp with me to swim, white hair pale yan see a few spring and autumn.With Buddha body, light rice coarse tea strong wine alcohol, pale yan heart is not old, the world of mortals see through is not human.Ten years do not see Tim white hair, thousands of miles of the world of mortals is home, autumn when people are easy to old, with career.A white hair into the world of mortals and spring, green lantern rolls of strong tea the most amiable.Light wipe total affection, a green lamp frequency add people not old, the world of mortals Renjun line.Ancient Buddha sleep with me, love to write poems, white hair pale yan mortals for many years.If xu years, white hair two phase flow, three more dream, rice strong tea I edge.Dense clouds clouds rain, qingdeng memories of old, white hair pale yan zhuo drunk world of mortals.Think hometown, lonely read hometown of the world of mortals, the most is the window month, with my blue lantern night not ended.Thick sorrow into wine frequency filled, alone on the night of sleepless, white hair lonely dream xiao Shu difficult round.White hair but all goes to waste, thick clouds block the sun with my sorrow.Think of the past, remembering old people, white hair looking back at the world of mortals.Do not feel the world of mortals old, know white hair new, alone on the green lamp into tears stained towel.Still according to that year, thick ink difficult book pale yan people are old, the world of mortals a dream of dawn.The world of mortals, how white hair with silver, light Buddha coarse tea liquor alcohol.The sound of wind and rain in another journey, a few back to the dream tears freely, infinite sorrow in the world, not to dawn for qing.Send the sky, the morning is misty rain, the cry of blood is still there, the wanderer home tears are empty.Sitting alone night is late, acacia infinite send who knows, the number of sound goose called jing residual dream, tears wet autumn wind hate parting.The dream tears freely, the ear still heard duyu sound, tonight morning unlimited accompany you line.Cold wind cold rain acacia dream is not, lonely goose sound in tears hate difficult flat.In the sound of the night is not aperture, the lonely lamp shines on the shadow of infinite sorrow, are in the dawn dream inside.Scenery in front of us, it is the year of the sun, laughter trickling down.The rain hits banana sound, the wind blows willow tears glittering and translucent, infinite acacia person static till dawn.A look close, the highest building, wild goose sound intermittent faint tears flow.A lament for the ages, rain poured down, the world infinite dawn total soul.Green gradually thickened, a ray of self-praise purple thousands of good, beautiful spring in the head.Beautiful spring 100 purple moon, fang soul a ray of residual red and a few years.Self-praise I do not know cold, hongmei proud snow residual, beautiful spring purple smile.Red through sunset light, verdant vegetation fang, purple Yan Huang beautiful send fragrance.Willow long, 100 hui fragrance, peach plum fragrance green female race dressing.Thousands of trees purple at dusk, beautiful spring and a village, fang Path without traces.Fragrance far, set poem yayun red, beautiful spring infinite good, purples with who.Green bucket spring cold, fangyi appendix alone column, Ziyan shuangfei bright willow smoke.Beautiful spring to my home, purples yingzhaoxia, fragrant soul a wisp of the wind, into red mud more flower protection.Kiss drunk fang soul, a tree peach blossom sunshine infinite good, sweet purple beauty.Where to find, purples intoxicating heart, a wisp of wind, eyes residual red tears dyed jin.Fang Yuan spring is colorful, red through the cherry green dyed cloud, the most beautiful day of the year, thousands of purple flowers and meet you.A beautiful red skirt, not with qunfang zhengyan spring, purple Yan Huang bright as the universe.Thousands of yellow autumn meaning thick, a ray of spring sunshine with the wind, into red azaleas crying blood.Make New Year, 100 hui fang Xi evil spirit, Yan Huang Xiang siyi, beautiful scenery intoxicating soul.In March, bright and charming, fang Soul a wisp of the wind, into red send acacia.Frost dyed fenglin a piece of red, self-appreciation drunk autumn wind, purples spring into the painting.Another year of face shaking spirit, no ink bonus always intoxicating.No one admire willow green, shishuqi from China, shake the earth thousands of homes.Shishu gas from the truth, flowers and willow green meet jun, reciting the four seasons spring on earth.Shake the spirit, a spring, willow and red flowers have their own four new.Manyuanchun, not stained dust, chest of poetry willow green always pleasant.Warbler Yan Ti, shishu qi from the qi, welcome the rising sun, spring to all things compete for vitality.Bonuses are beautiful scenery, chest wide body health, spirit of the four seasons spring.But like the spirit of water, time passes like spring, flowers and green universe new vientiane.Chest poetry qi from fen, hongliulong and meet jun, spirit qiankun Round.Such as snow, wealth on earth like spring clouds, willow green are Hugh ask, and to the heart of this gentleman.Spring returns to the earth all things new, Plum zhanren Chen shake spirit, the heart is not a little ink into a sentence, and a village.Honghongliu green poetry book gas from leisure, shake the earth for a new face.Limited in the chest, years of ruthless spirit song flourishing, spring earth verdant.May not lose autumn, ever son spring yan, not with its own bonus proud frost days.Always such as spring, spirit does not dye dust, chest books thousands of books, flowers and green garden new.Liulin red April day, ink to write poems, the spirit of the world another year.Has been depressed, another village, the spirit of the rising sun, spring to all things new competition.The boundless smoke tree meets the emerald, the green duckweed red polygonum reflects the oblique hui, the water and sky is one color, the lake does not want to return.Line to the depths of the mountain immortal, green duckweed pear with rain smoke.Boat light, fishing moon Ming, line to the stream wrinkle a pool of stars.Line to liangbin frost, still long water, green duckweed inadvertent affectionate dream Yang.Floating blue waves, yiliu silk bridge head heart has drunk, I do not know the body in the water clouds.Send cool tage line, water blue mountain green scenery Ming, red leaves green ping hao like Peng Ying.A piece of green duckweed floating blue sea, a few egrets play smoke, pedestrians stop to linger, like water fleeting.Blue sky clear, wanli Jiangshan as I, green duckweed flowers splash tears, the wind blowing yanliu bird alarm.Smoke cage cold river fog lock peak, green duckweed floating boat horizontal, water and sky color infinite bi, suspected is immortal treading wave line.Jinshan infinite sorrow, pedestrians stop to look at the village, green duckweed do not understand smoke to dream.A set sun floating before the boat, the wind pucker pedestrians laugh loudly.Wanli seek new poetry, water blue mountain green duckweed wind and rain, a lake Yiliu acacia.Setting sun shines on the water sky, gull Heron dance lightly, green duckweed embellished shuttle thin wave smoke.Lotus leaf green duckweed set each other off, smoke cage cui Liuyan shuangfei, pedestrians stop yuanyang chase.Willow green, boat horizontal, a pole broken peach blossom with me.On moving shadow window lattice, Hua Qing into the screen, mawei slope before still dance pingting.Willow new, Wu Ti night sinking, mawei slope before you see, where to find yuhuan bosom friend.Before mawei slope yan Dance graceful appearance huaqing pool water.The moon falls wu Ti chang hate song, qin E pool memory, Mawei slope Yuhuan helpless.Pool thousands of waves, wu Ti night wei, mawei slope still dance before the wind.Graceful dance, the soul dream, a beautiful moonlight on the Palace of Hua Qing.A born since huaqing Pool, the fairy dance pingting, Mawei slope under yuhuan no longer meet.Buried soul, yuhuan empty tears, the moon fell wuti frost all over the ground, Huaqing pool night deep.Dimly see Yuhuan, Mawei slope tears trickling down, Huaqing Pool singing with moon residue.Tower reflection beauty month, water pavilion Huaqing beauty soul, mawei slope before you see, yuhuan lonely tears stained towel.Huaqing bath back, on the fairy slope chang Sheng dian, suspected to be yuhuan Fei Yan.Tears trickling down one’s cheeks, not see yuhuan heart since cold, Wu Ti frost all over the ground, The bank of The Beautiful moonlight Pool.– Zheng Huixian original Art #