Will you buy the MINIEV GAMEBOY starting at 55,800 yuan?

2022-09-21 0 By

On April 8th, SAIC-GM-Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY was officially launched, with a total of four models, priced between 55,800 yuan and 69,800 yuan. The new car is customized based on the cash MINIEV. Up to the launch, orders have exceeded 30,000 units.In terms of appearance, based on the current MINIEV, the new car is inspired by sports cool games, military competitive games, cyberpunk science fiction games and simulation games, and launches four themed character models:Hurricane Phantom, Jungle Walk, Star Trek and party sweetheart.For the front part, the headlights have undergone a new design, changed into a C-word shape, with a luminous logo, through the light bar and grille, with a strong sense of game and technology.The front bumper and side skirt are also brand new, with a more exaggerated style.The “GAMEBOY” logo in red and black on the C-pillar shows the unique identity of the model.The rear taillights are designed with an X-shaped light band that echoes the headlights.Not only that, SAIC-GM-Wuling also launched nine categories of chao Chuang kits and eight different colors of radium decorative parts, and reserved a number of chao Chuang interfaces in the roof, front grille, tail door, wheel hub and side enclosure, so that personalized customization is more fun.The MINIEV GAMEBOY has more than one hundred color schemes with more horizontal bars and decorative pieces. Every car owner can design their own MINIEV GAMEBOY.Interior, the new car replaced with a new dual-spoke steering wheel, more avant-garde modeling.Simple design of the central console has been continued, the main driver added a practical cup holder.The new car also launched four trendy interior and four car color corresponding, from the inside and outside are games, science and technology atmosphere.In terms of configuration, Hongkuang MINIEV GAMEBOY comes with driving assistance, electric power steering system, electric Windows, parking radar, ABS anti-lock braking system +EBD braking force distribution system, main driving airbag, low speed pedestrian warning, tire pressure monitoring, automatic driving lock, etc.In terms of power and endurance, Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY has also been comprehensively upgraded. The new car is equipped with a maximum power of 30kW drive motor, which is 10kW more than the current model.Meanwhile, the new car will be equipped with a maximum capacity of 26.5kwh battery pack, with a 300km battery life, and a 200km battery life version will also be available.Since its launch, Hongguang MINIEV has sold more than 650,000 units in total, making it a “phenomenal car”, says Kan che.The Macaron version launched last year was for girls, while the MINIEV GAMEBOY is aimed at young men.Although hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY is more expensive, its appearance, power and battery life are much better than those of existing models. Overall, it still has a high cost performance and should not worry about sales.