The latest!Part of Russian army to return to base!G7 finance ministers threatened sanctions against Russia, and China’s foreign ministry responded

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The g7 finance ministers said in a joint statement that Russia would face huge economic consequences if it invaded Ukraine.Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin also responded to relevant questions at a regular meeting on Monday.Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said On Monday that some Russian troops will return to their posts after a series of joint military exercises with Belarus ended, RIA Novosti reported Thursday.The Russian and Belarusian militaries held the “Alliance Resolution-2022” joint military exercise at various military training sites in Belarus from Thursday to Thursday, with almost all Russian military regions and fleets taking part, according to reports.Russia and Belarus have repeatedly stressed that the exercises are defensive in nature and pose no threat to anyone.According to CCTV news, local time on February 15, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov said that the troops of Russia’s western and southern military regions have ended the military exercises on the same day (15), the way to return to the base includes rail, road transport and foot.Konashenkov also stressed that in accordance with the practice, all units of the Russian armed forces will return to their respective stations in an organized manner after the exercise, including those taking part in the “Alliance Resolution-2022” joint military exercise between Russia and Belarus.The russia-Belarus joint military exercise will continue until February 20.According to CCTV news, the Russian Ministry of Defense released the news on 15th local time, the Russian Black Sea Fleet held a drill in the Black Sea.The subjects of the exercise included firing naval guns, anti-submarine operations and providing air defense cover for the fleet.In addition to the maritime tactical exercises, they also conducted drills on coastal defense of the Crimean Peninsula, defense of fleet bases, defense of maritime communications and maritime economic activities.The exercise involved more than 30 ships of various classes from the Black Sea Fleet and other fleets, including frigates, patrol ships, small missile ships, landing ships, small anti-submarine ships and minesweepers.G7 finance ministers threatened To impose sanctions on Russia, saying in a joint statement Thursday that Russia will face “huge economic consequences” if it invades Ukraine, CCTV reported.The joint statement said it was “gravely concerned” about Russia’s current military build-up on the Ukrainian border.The statement also warned that any further Russian “military aggression” in Ukraine would be met with a swift, coordinated and forceful response, and that the G7 was “ready to jointly implement economic and financial sanctions” that “will have a huge and direct impact on the Russian economy.”In recent days, the United States and other Western countries have been exaggerating that Russia is massing heavy troops along the Border with Ukraine and has the potential of “invading” Ukraine.Russia denies this, saying it has no intention of attacking another country.It also asked the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to sign an agreement giving Russia security guarantees.China’s position!Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin held a regular press conference Thursday, reported.The G7 finance ministers issued a statement on May 14 saying that they are ready to impose economic and financial sanctions on Russia. What is China’s comment?China always opposes the use of unilateral sanctions or the threat of sanctions in international relations, said Wang Wenbin, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry.Under the current circumstances, unilateral sanctions can only intensify division and confrontation.China calls on all parties to be rational, push for a comprehensive settlement of the Ukrainian crisis and related issues through dialogue and negotiation, and refrain from doing anything to stimulate tension or sensationalize the crisis.The SPOKESPERSON of the US State Department said yesterday that China’s implicit support for Russia on the Ukraine issue was “very alarming” and could have a destabilizing impact on the security situation in Europe.Do you have any comment on that?Wang wenbin said that under the current circumstances, hyping up war is not a responsible act, and unilateral sanctions and pressure will not help ease the situation.We call on all parties to promote the practical implementation of the New Minsk Agreement through dialogue and negotiation in an equal and open attitude and create conditions for the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.Daily Business News is integrated from CCTV news, overseas website and Huanqiu daily Business News