Six post-00s girls feel the pulse of a high-speed train at a height of 6 meters

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Qilu network · Lightning news February 7 – Spring Festival travel safety, inseparable from the fine maintenance.Maintenance of overhead catenary of high-speed railway is usually completed by male workers due to high altitude, high risk and high voltage.Nowadays, as the improvement of working conditions, many female workers also joined the maintenance team.In Jinan East network electrical work area, the new entry of 6 young girls are a step by step transformation.”Ladder truck to the direction of Qi River three meters forward”, “Roger, ladder truck to the direction of Qi River three meters”, “Vines, the wind is rising, must pay attention to safety, you and Xinxin”.On the eve of the Spring Festival travel rush, the working area where the six girls worked had to carry out a complete overhaul of the catenary system on the Jinan Yellow River rail-road bridge.Maintenance is in the absence of train running between 1:00 a.m. to 4, the temperature of the bridge is close to ten degrees below zero, six meters tall ladder truck, lee shoots and Zhu Xinxin is tighten bolts on catenary bracket, they master Zheng Zhenze use centipede ladder climbing up the wrist arm, he told lee shoots and Zhu Xinxin, there is a contact pressure plate is loose.The contact plate is located on the wrist arm above the catenary, and Zhu Xinxin needs to tighten it by stepping on the frame of the ladder car.At three in the morning, everyone’s physical strength and energy are reaching their limits.After resting for a few hours, the six girls went to inspect the railway with their master…The six girls are respectively, liu ye, li Zhu Xinxin, Xu Mengyao, sinar, Wei Yingying, their average age is only 22 years old, with an indomitable, six girls have conquered all people, also got a nickname – contact the butterfly on the net, and the first year, they have to participate in the Spring Festival, also means that they are in the post on New Year’s day.What kind of difficulties or interesting things these girls have encountered in their work and life?Flash news reporter Jia Fangzheng reports