Psychology take an examination of grind | how much does target mark decide ability steady enter second try?

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Some time ago, the hot TV series in a cluster of psychological occupation.One is directly “psychological” two words in the title of the play “Female psychologist”, played by Yang Zi psychological consultant He Dun;The other, more subtle, is Shen Yu, a psychologist played by Zhao Liying in Who is the Murderer?Among them, the Female Psychologist, a Domestic drama, starts from the heroine’s professional psychological consultant and unfolds in the form of case by case unit. The topics concerned include but are not limited to campus violence, postpartum depression, workplace bullying and other social hot psychological topics. While grasping social hot spots, it also shows certain professionalism.However, the show of psychological consultants’ therapeutic effects and consulting methods is also controversial.Psychological consultants have strict requirements for professional knowledge and practical experience. Generally speaking, they need to accept academic education of psychology in the psychological consulting industry.Psychological counseling is a lifelong learning profession — counselors need to attend counseling programs in different fields or genres, and receive adequate supervision hours.From TV dramas to real life, in this “era of introversion,” education, work, life are all spared, “introversion” brings endless burden.As a result, more and more negative emotions, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders gradually increased the incidence of mental health concerns!It can be seen that with the increasing social attention to mental health, medical and health institutions, middle schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, enterprises and other employers will increase the demand for psychological professionals in the future.Psychology is also the first choice of many students in recent years, that xiaobian today to talk with you about this major!First of all, psychology belongs to the major category of education, professional master of applied Psychology (045400) and mental health education (045116).It can be seen from the national line trend chart that the score of master’s degree in psychology has been rising in the past five years, which can also be seen that the heat of applying for psychology has been rising in the past five years, and the degree of competition has become more and more fierce, and the difficulty of postgraduate entrance examination will increase accordingly.The mark line that national line has total score not only asks to still have the mark line requirement of single branch, everybody must total score crosses line and single branch cross line at the same time such ability has an opportunity to admit.Still the school that a few autonomously draw a line wants taller than national line commonly, so everybody must lead national line ability to enter admission link likely first.The mark line that the school that does not have independent line authority also can have oneself professional class, but this mark line is a bit taller than national line commonly or be flat.Examination subjects: psychology professional postgraduate examination subjects are generally politics, foreign languages, 347 psychology professional comprehensive.Among them, psychology includes introduction to psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, management psychology.Learning time: master of psychology major is 2 years commonly, but also have 3 years, for instance head teacher is big, still have major medical university;Zhejiang Sci-tech University is 2.5 years.Cultivation mode: Master’s degree in psychologyFocus on mastering the basic psychological knowledge and skills needed to solve problems, skilled use of psychological principles and technology, through assessment, diagnosis, consultation, training and correction forms of effective development of people’s psychological potential, correction and improve a variety of psychological barriers, improve people’s mental health level,We will solve practical problems in urban pressure, public security, disaster relief and crisis prevention.If your goal is employment, you can choose professional master first!As the aggravation of academic record inside volume, take one’s postgraduate entrance examination has entered white-hot, and psychology take one’s postgraduate entrance examination is one of them typical.In particular, the number of applicants for applied psychology (master’s degree in psychology) has risen sharply, leading to a higher score.The 2022 postgraduate entrance exam will be held in mid to late February. No matter how fierce the competition is, students should keep a steady mind and prepare for the second exam.In early March: 34 released retest line in mid-March: released national line in late March: opened dispensing system psychology dispensing common sense 1, psychology dispensing must be the same or similar with the first voluntary major, should be in the same subject category range.2. The subjects for the preliminary examination of psychology major should be the same or similar to those for the preliminary examination of psychology major, and the subjects for the national unified examination should be the same as those for the national unified examination of psychology major.3. The preliminary test results shall meet the basic requirements of the transferred region.4, focus on the target swap swap information and the latest professional normal school to adjust policies to adjust psychology in nearly three years accepted by the institutions with summary Beijing: China university of geosciences (Beijing) marxist school of tianjin: tianjin polytechnic normal university institute of vocational education in Shanxi Province, shanxi normal university education sciences of liaoning, dalian medical university humanities and social sciences of jilin:Jilin normal university education sciences in heilongjiang province, Harbin normal university education sciences Shanghai: Shanghai sports college institute of psychology of zhejiang: zhejiang sci-tech university faculty of science, zhejiang normal university institute of teacher education, preschool teachers college of zhejiang normal university, hangzhou, hangzhou normal university education college of anhui: anhui normal university education science college of jiangxi:Gannan Normal University, Shandong: Qufu Normal University, Qingdao University (Teacher Education College, Teacher Education College), Henan: Xinxiang Medical College, Xinxiang Medical College, Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang Normal University, Hubei:School of Marxism, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), School of Psychology, Central China Normal University, School of Education, Hubei University, School of Health Science, Wuhan Physical Education University, Hunan: School of Education, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Guangxi: Faculty of Education, Guangxi Normal University, Sichuan:Center for Psychological Research and Counseling, Southwest Jiaotong University; Institute of Brain and Psychological Sciences, Sichuan Normal University; School of Psychology, Sichuan Normal University qinghai: Qinghai Normal University School of Education Ningxia: Ningxia University School of Education Zhejiang: Ningbo University School of Teacher Education Hainan: School of Psychology, Hainan Normal University Guangdong:Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Southern Medical University shaanxi: School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University