Fujian investigation and rectification of enterprises overtime work

2022-09-21 0 By

Fujian daily, new client on April 3, fujian dispatch (reporter yuan-yuan pan) to further implement the system of working hours, rest and vacation, in accordance with law, safeguard the rights and interests of the worker working hours, rest and vacation, recently, the province people club hall printed on the special action for overtime work overtime to troubleshoot the problem of notice, decision throughout the province to carry out for two months to troubleshoot the special operation.The campaign will focus on key industries, enterprises and industrial parks where overtime is a frequent problem. It will focus on Internet (platform) enterprises and affiliated enterprises, technology-intensive enterprises, labor-intensive processing and manufacturing enterprises and service enterprises with a high proportion of R&D positions.The inspection includes the internal rules and regulations of working hours, rest and vacation;The implementation of special working hour system by enterprises;The overtime arrangement of the enterprise and the negotiation with the trade union and laborers according to law;The enterprise implements the staff rest and vacation system;Overtime pay and unpaid annual leave paid by the enterprise.During the special campaign, all localities will combine the characteristics of labor and employment of local enterprises, carry out targeted publicity activities on working hours, rest and vacation system, and go deep into key enterprises and industrial (industrial) parks to popularize legal provisions on working hours and rest and vacation.We will further open up channels for reporting and complaining, and fully receive and deal with such reports and complaints concerning working hours, rest and vacation rights and interests in accordance with the law.We will conduct comprehensive investigations on the compliance of the inspected enterprises with working hours, rest and vacation rules, impose administrative punishments on them in accordance with the law and urge them to rectify their violations within a prescribed time limit. Major typical cases of violations will be publicized or made public in accordance with the law to form a strong deterrent.Source: New Fujian