Dafang County to Jiang Town: Playing the “Symphony” of spring ploughing and sowing

2022-09-21 0 By

A year’s plan depends on spring, people often spring early planting busy.Now is the spring ploughing season, a beautiful scene of spring ploughing and spring sowing in Dafang county staged.Recently, in the base of dong Sun of major cooperative of big fang county of yuan Bao village of pair of river town, the villager is busy digging ditches, spreading wood, sow fungus subsequently, cover soil, the place that the eye arrives, one is busy.It is understood that Dafang Guihui Planting and breeding professional cooperative was established in 2016, and in 2018 it planted more than 100 mu of Dongsun.Because the technology and equipment were not mature at that time, the planting scale was relatively small and the income was not optimistic.After 4 years of experience accumulation, cooperative equipment gradually perfect, technology increasingly mature, dongsun planting scale gradually expanded, led more villagers to the base for work.Wu Xianggui, the head of the cooperative, said that the planting area has expanded to more than 300 mu this year, and more than 50,000 yuan of labor fees have been issued at present. The next step is to continue to expand the planting scale, so that more people have jobs to do and earn money at home.Xu Shuying, a villager, has worked in Dongsun for four years. She was able to earn money by working in front of her house, which she had never imagined before.Now she can not only take care of the family, but also work to earn money, which makes Xu smile.It is reported that From December 2021, The town of Zhuangjiang started planning the adjustment of industrial structure in 2022, mainly planting 6,500 mu of edible fungi, including 5,500 mu of dongsun and 1,000 mu of other edible fungi.Gastrodia elata 4500 mu;It plans to plant 26,200 mu of food crops, mainly corn and potatoes.At present, 6000 mu of potato has been planted.”In light of the actual situation, we have organized the masses to seize the favorable season for spring ploughing production, let the masses participate in industrial development, and boost the revitalization of the whole town and countryside.”To jiang town agricultural service center responsible person Ou Yaoxin said.At present, spring farming preparation call has been sounded, generous around the county party committee “12234” development ideas, earnestly do a good job of agricultural industry development, promote the upgrading and transformation of agricultural industry, achieve agricultural efficiency, farmers increase income, continue to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation achievements with rural revitalization effective connection.(By Zhong Huanhu Bin)