Buy the phone to enjoy the installment interest-free + value 399 custom gift box, vivo this wave of Chinese New Year festival full of surprises

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Recently, many mobile phone brands have launched New Year’s related buying activities.Everyone here, if you are also looking for a new phone at this time, please pay attention to the ongoing # Vivo Lunar New Year shopping festival!During the event, a number of popular models, including Vivo’S S12 series, will receive a limited-time price discount.Not only that, you can enjoy up to 24 interest-free deals with your new phone, and you may win a 399 “Fat Tiger” custom gift box!A series of heart and give the buying machine activity, can be said to be attractive.During the Vivo Chinese New Year shopping festival, Vivo S12 series is a model worth paying attention to.The model, which was released in December, features a 100-megapixel super-hd main camera and a front-facing dual-camera design, combined with Vivo’s excellent portrait beauty algorithm, to deliver comprehensive image performance.In addition, the new phone is equipped with Breguet high-performance 5G chip, superconducting liquid cooling heat dissipation, has an excellent gaming experience.And in Vivo New Year goods festival to get this new machine, the highest can enjoy 24 periods of interest-free discount, the current 8GB+256GB version of the machine is only sold 2799.Another model, also a popular product in vivo’s Chinese New Year shopping festival — Vivo X70 series.As a major post-image product, it has professional image performance, comprehensive image configuration.The phone, jointly created by Vivo and Zeiss, is equipped with Zeiss optical lens, micro head, V1 independent image chip and other configurations, which can help you easily create high-quality video works.During the duration of the activity, buy the machine to high immediately reduced 200, starting price as low as 2999.Meanwhile, you can also pay attention to vivo T1, a long-endurance product with a 5000mAh battery and a Snapdragon 778G, 120Hz screen, which is a rare comprehensive product in the middle market.During the event, the Vivo T1 series was immediately reduced by 400, and the price was as low as 1699.If you plan to buy Vivo S12 series during the Chinese New Year’s Goods Festival, don’t miss the following customized gift box.Created by Vivo and “I am not A Fat Tiger”, the package is beautifully designed and has an interesting image of the “fat tiger”.In the gift box content, including NetEase Yan xuan electric toothbrush, red envelope and the word “fu”!Buy vivo’S new S12 series and have a chance to win this 399 New Year’s custom gift box.In addition, gift boxes can also be obtained by participating in online flagship stores and offline store events.Recently, the mobile phone market ushered in a new wave of replacement craze, and Vivo is a hot brand attracting attention.Vivo’s mobile phone products, with excellent image performance, performance, also enjoy a good reputation in the consumer market.Everyone in the selection of new machine at the same time, also can pay attention to vivo mobile phone, and the recent “Vivo New Year goods festival” activities!