Boots down!Index double bottom is now!Shock uptrend is coming!

2022-09-21 0 By

3023 point outsole confirmed!A shares will shock up!Yesterday, the bottom of the market was established, today the two cities jumped high open, capital inflow sentiment.Advance layout of high-quality stocks, can be patient hold;Step empty, can wait for the market to step back, choose stocks to buy, must not rush after short-term highs!Do investment, the key to grasp the top and bottom, a day into the top, 100 days into the bottom, the bottom is a region, there will be concussion, can be clear is, 3023 is the bottom!1, the Federal Reserve interest rate boots landing, in line with market expectations, the bearish is all good, European and American stock markets have been reflected in the whole surge!Yesterday, the leading industry is big finance, big finance is the core weight, strong protection, financial stability is stable market, the bottom of the policy has been out!3, today’s leading industry is semiconductor and real estate, semiconductor is also a core weight, real estate favorable good policy, big main layout!Jump vacancy 3223 has been filled, short was hit, weigh the pros and cons, short to long, chip structure change, reverse trend!5, 3023 v-type reversal strength is very large, more inflows of capital, whether it is a historical bottom, or stage bottom, continue to see the trend!3000 point line is A share 32 years of average index, in the long cycle trend line belongs to the horizon, is absolutely not high!7, Hong Kong science and technology index fell 11 percent, the next day long backhand up 22 percent, the main approach, bottom – fishing funds!Rapid decline, single needle bottom, 3300 is the first pressure level, short term rebound will be blocked, even if back on, long term is still optimistic!9, the bottom of the market first, the bottom of the policy, very rare, the general situation at the end of the policy, order conversion, that has fallen no fall!After the bottom of the policy, the next holding will be the focus.When shareholder often falls much, just go up sell, take not to earn not!Market is always in despair at the bottom, in hesitation, in the end of madness!This period of time A share trend fully verified this point!Some shareholders can not bear to suppress, fall in the dawn before the arrival of the stock market, in fact, and there is no clear dark and dawn!To the dark moment there is light, another village, up and down is round, down more will go up is the market law, to the stock market to have the faith of victory!What people earn in the stock market is cognition, cognition what stock, can buy what stock;Knowing the price, you will buy the price;Knowing what model, will only adopt what model, without cognition, or cognitive error, even if bought a good stock, also can not hold, eat the best profit!Investment, is in the market changes, the use of cognition to find a way to long-term stable profit, short-term guest imagine that kind of time to earn, short-term windfall method does not exist, a little earlier wake up, a little earlier to establish an investment system, a little earlier can achieve stable profit!