Your living room do not do ceiling, see the bottom of this heart

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Living room in the end hanging ceiling by the height of the impact, now a lot of people decorate the living room do not do the ceiling, Qi small clever give you specific problems specific analysis, your living room is suitable for the ceiling, we have a look why to do the ceiling?➺ No.1 in order to meimei Meimei ah of course is to let everyone look beautiful, more beautiful, invincible beauty!The air outlet and various pipes of the central air conditioning in the living room can not be directly exposed to the roof, and the ceiling is hidden as a necessity, at least in part.➺ No.3 modified beam body Nowadays, the suspended ceiling of many families is to cover the beam. Many people feel that the beam is not beautiful and affects the overall effect, so they choose the suspended ceiling to cover the beam.➺ No.4 Poor sound insulation between floors?You can’t sleep at home because you’re banging a nail and a girl is doing weight loss exercises?Might as well do sound insulation processing additionally inside condole top.If you buy a top floor house, with a suspended ceiling, insulation will be better.1, must pay attention to the height, 2.5-2.6 meters can consider a small amount of local ceiling, 2.6-2.8 meters for simple modeling ceiling, if less than 2.5 meters, it needs to be carefully considered.Because condole top can depress layer height, cause depressive feeling to the person.2, about what specifications of gypsum line to do, according to the style.In Ou shi style, gypsum line often serves as the transition of top face to metope.In contracted style however, gypsum line is not must be tasted, the purpose that construction square suggests to do gypsum line is not to be beautiful, use to handle however not straight shade horn.Below a few kinds of condole top practice, can offer reference: 1, flat condole top: 2, drop class condole top: 3, grille condole top: make frame with board, illuminant is embedded in the middle, have very good adornment effect.4, local ceiling: if you do not want to do a large ceiling, and want to block equipment and pipelines, you can choose this method.If your home is not high enough for the height of the lack of family, we suggest that you do not ceiling.After all, the thickness of the ceiling is generally about 250mm, which means that the height of the space in the home of the ceiling should be reduced about 250mm.The material that condole carries on the top and labor cost many “thousand” count, plus partial condole carries on the top to need lamp to take adornment also can let circuit transform charge to increase, save these to be able to add a big home appliance, decorate budget slant so the proposal that little does not consider condole top.If you choose simple style, in fact, the beauty of the interior is related to the overall style of home decoration, just like the industrial wind, there is no ceiling, all things are exposed outside, and the Nordic simple wind, no ceiling is still beautiful.So if you like simple European style, have their own ideas if you need to install fresh air device height is no problem, quickly install a suitable style of their own ceiling in fact ~ choose suitable for their own home is the best Qi Jia Xiaolei provide more decoration information, like my friends remember to collect and pay attention to oh!(Material from the network, can not verify the real source, if there is infringement, please contact Qijia xiaobian to delete directly.Thank you very much!)