“We need F-15s and F-16s to resist Russia,” Ukraine says as Russian jets attack Ukrainian military bases

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So far, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for more than a month. The Russian army has taken the initiative in the attack, but the Ukrainian army is still stubbornly resisting with the support of the United States and other Western countries. The Air force is the most advantageous place for the Russian army compared with the Ukrainian army.That’s why the Russians were able to hit Ukrainian military installations with precision.According to reports, on March 27, the Russian Defense Ministry said that a Su-25 attack plane of the Russian Air Force attacked a Ukrainian military base in the night, and also used missiles to destroy ammunition and weapons depots inside the base.Introduced to the Soviet Air Force in the 1980s, the Su-25 was specifically designed to carry out intensive aerial attacks on enemy forward positions. It was also known as an “aerial tank” because of its powerful aerial firepower.This is not the first time that Russian army base, a sudden attack in this month, Russia have a military training base in uzbekistan near the polish border bombing, causing hundreds of foreign mercenaries killed, provided a great number of western weapons and equipment destroyed, also made a large number of mercenaries began to escape from Ukraine, Russian attacks the release signals to Ukraine,All of Ukraine is within Russian range, which is why Zelensky has been begging the West for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.In uzbekistan yesterday began to seek to the United States aircraft, March 27, wu the President’s office released a statement, said the jersey even, has carried on the phone with polish President duda, soviet-made aircraft for eastern European countries did not hand over uzbekistan said very disappointed, he even said that the wave of both countries have aircraft over the problem on the decision,But the United States has rejected Poland’s offer to hand over mig-29s to an American base in Germany.At the same time, Uzbekistan also lion big opening;’There is a great need for US-made F-15s and F-16s to fight the Russian air force,’ said a Spokesman for the Ukrainian air Force. ‘Ukrainian pilots have been trained for many years and have conducted joint exercises with American pilots, so we need American fighters to complement the older Su-27 and mig-29 fighters in the Ukrainian air force.’To overcome the superiority of the Russian Air Force in numbers and technology.The spokesman stressed that Ukraine’s air force is now in the 70 s and 80 s of the equipment, in contrast, the Russian space forces, using all of these equipment in 2010 and beyond, if the eastern European countries can give us their soviet-made aircraft, then we will thank you very much, but these is not enough, we want is more western fighter,Such as F-15 and F-16, but Ukraine is not going to ask for anything more, such as THE US F-35 fighter jets.Now Ukraine seems to have learned the jersey even show the essence of, “acting” again, and one of the main rely on other countries “charity”, end must be miserable, and uzbekistan is too good to be true, the United States even don’t want to give you mig – 29, F – 15 F – 16 don’t even think about more, if provided to the army,Wouldn’t that mean confronting the Russians directly?The United States certainly does not want that to happen.Even if the United States gave The Ukrainian ARMY F-15 and F-16, the Ukrainian pilots would not be able to handle them at all. F-15 fighters, for example, could not be easily mastered in one or two months, and it would take at least 2-3 years to form a combat capability. Moreover, the consumption of these fighters is quite large, and it is still facing the Russian army.It has a large number of modern fighter jets and supporting early warning aircraft, electronic fighter jets and air defense systems, etc. These fighter jets will become “scrap metal” in the hands of the Ukrainian army.In modern war, it is not only after the war begins that the expenditure will be incurred. Regular maintenance and maintenance of fighter jets are necessary to ensure the normal use of fighter jets in wartime. Does Ukraine have so much money to maintain fighter jets?Even those foreign mercenaries were paid $230 a month, so they had no financial resources.America and NATO are still focused on Poland, which is a member of NATO, rather than Ukraine, which is more important to the West than Poland.So the US would not be foolish enough to give Ukraine F-15s and F-16s;Some US researchers said that the US should provide Ukraine with more than 100 F-15 fighter jets, 6-8 E-2C early warning aircraft, 12 KC-135R refueling aircraft, smart ammunition, cruise missiles and reconnaissance equipment to deter the Russian air force, but it will take a very long time for these fighters to form a combat force, and Ukraine cannot afford to drag them.So Ukraine to really get rid of the plight of now, only through negotiations, their eyes is just a political pawn in western countries, or the value to be sucked dry piece, once has no value will throw away immediately, fate is master in his own hands, the recent row between Russia and Ukraine a new round of negotiations will also be in Turkey, hope to have substantial progress.