There’s a big brother in the Olympic convoy

2022-09-20 0 By

Workers’ Daily client reporter Wang Weiyan February 12 after midnight, Beijing Winter Olympics B5 team driver Yang Yunbo after the operation of the mission, took out his mobile phone to check the next day’s weather conditions.It’s a work habit he’s developed over a decade of driving buses.The weather forecast shows that there will be snow on February 13, Yang Yunbo listed five driving items need to pay special attention to the team to participate in the winter Olympic security mission driver.Yang yunbo, 47, is called “Big Brother” by the younger members of the team, not only because he is a few years older than the others, but also because he has achieved zero accidents and zero errors in more than a decade of driving on mountain routes.On the morning of February 13, Yang got up an hour earlier than usual. After taking cleaning tools, he took a bag of kosher salt and put it in his car.Yang worked from 3 PM to late at night, especially when the temperature dropped at night, making roads more prone to ice.”Salt should be sprinkled on the yellow pedals of the doors, especially on the aluminum bars on the sides.”Yang Yunbo in the vehicle stop gap, repeated salt action.In order to prevent skidding, Yang also prepared “double insurance” for passengers.He will write “Caution slip” and “Caution!There is a picture of a Slippery warning in Both Chinese and English on the mobile phone, which will be held up in advance to alert passengers when they get on and off the bus.After a day of operation, Yang Yunbo finally had a short rest time.He does a “review” of his day’s work every night before going to bed.To participate in closed-loop tasks, in addition to personal necessities, Yang yunbo will be party member study notebook, driver star test materials and study notebook, daily “review” content are detailed records in these notebooks.It has always been Yang yunbo’s wish to participate in the operation of the Winter Olympics.He will be safe driving experience recorded, but also from the driver star test data screened out the recent use of safe driving content and vehicle technology content to share with drivers.Before the snowfall, B5 team of the Winter Olympics ensured the smooth operation of vehicles in the snow day by appropriately enlarging one-way points, adopting flexible dispatching measures, monitoring vehicle operation status and strengthening reporting and communication according to the closed-loop requirements of Beijing Competition area.At the same time, the head of the team’s safety professional strengthened the pre-shift instructions, prompting drivers to reduce the speed, minimize the parallel measures, confirm the vehicle’s facilities before departure is normal and intact, to avoid blocking the sight in snowy days.Yang Yunbo driving car window like mirror, through it can see the “Double Olympic city” beautiful snow scenery, he in the heart in “high standards, strict requirements” six words before a “more” word, prompt oneself to play twelve points of spirit, live up to the responsibility on the shoulder.