The couple who have missed the Spring Festival Gala for 8 years in a row: “If the environment is clean, it’s worth it!”

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With the arrival of the Spring Festival, the flow of people in various sections increases, and the frequency of public toilets also increases.Ma Cuiying, 56, is in her eighth year as a toilet administrator at the Chengguan District Sanitation Operation Center.Li Eldest brother is Ma Cuiying’s wife, and both of them are toilet attendants of the public toilet.During the Spring Festival, 262 public toilets in lanzhou’s main urban area were open 24 hours a day, and all 501 toilet attendants were on duty.Because of their watch, the city streets during the Spring Festival are more clean.On January 30, when the reporter saw Ma Cuiying, she was mopping the floor in a public toilet, while her husband, Li Eldest brother, was wiping the wall outside the door.Li smiled and said, “With the Spring Festival coming, the sanitation of public toilets will be more delicate than usual.Our public toilet is a national award, is the net red public toilet, we two want to clean clean!”The toilet that Ma Cuiying and her husband took care of was the Yangyuan Lane public toilet on Jinchang South Road. The walls were decorated with window displays, simple art picture frames and art vases inlaid inside, which were very elegant.It would be hard to believe that the building in front of us was a public toilet if it were not for the four characters “public toilet” above the door.The toilets ma cuiying and her husband are in charge of are open 24 hours a day, which requires them to take turns.Especially during the Spring Festival, when work is heavy and strict, they can’t go home and spend almost every New Year’s Eve in public toilets.The rest room that is less than 3 square metre is they have a meal, drink water, the place that rest.”We haven’t seen it on New Year’s Eve for eight years in a row. We’ve spent it all in public toilets.But I think it’s worth it to let people nearby enjoy a clean environment when they use the toilet during Spring Festival.”Ma Cuiying said.Big changes have taken place in Ma Cuiying’s family this year. With the arrival of her daughter-in-law, the family of three has become a family of four, and the New Year’s Eve is no longer a New Year’s eve.”This year’s New Year’s Eve, I helped my daughter-in-law make some dumplings. After we had the New Year’s Eve dinner at home with my son and daughter-in-law, I brought some dumplings to the old man. Then we went back to work.As she spoke, Ma Cuiying was smiling and her eyes were full of anticipation.Referring to the New Year’s wishes, Ma Cuiying’s first thought is to do a good job at work, followed by the hope that the family can have children, can let her hold a big fat grandson.During the Spring Festival, 262 public toilets in lanzhou’s downtown area were open 24 hours a day, with 501 toilet attendants, including Ma cuiying and her husband, on duty.Fertilizer management team second management station master Wang Chenglong told reporters, in accordance with the requirements of chengguan district sanitation center operations, they want to in public toilet cleaning, elimination, do not relax, high standards, strict requirements;In terms of service, timely help to citizens and tourists in need.Keep public toilets clean and orderly at all times, and take practical actions to send the masses a special “dedication blessing” in the New Year.Zhao Yuxinwen, a media reporter from Lanzhou Daily