So busy about what on earth

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It’s complicated to make things simple. It’s easy to make things complicated.The exchange of the two children seems simple, but the process is tricky and unpredictable.Sometimes it is to eat the public grain of the cloak, but when it is to take the rations of courageously fight for the lead, all the people gathered together, concentrically racking their brains to turn the contradiction to the bitter master, make the earth shaking people upset, and finally to hide, vague, the simple method of dragging, simply change things from simple to complex.Things are gradually on the right track, and people are looking forward to the good news.This is supposed to be a good time to calm the complex things gradually reduced to simple, but unexpectedly sudden changes strange, seemingly calm surface, actually turbulent undercurrent.At the end of last year, the other party suddenly announced that the collective offline, then soon after the stealthily thief appeared in the middle of people’s field of vision.Wearing azaleas, the old lady gave up her wild laughter and stood on the stage in Jingdezhen, with a smile on her face and a samba partner laughing at the poor but not laughing at the chang. In the belief of “barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes”, she worked hard to show the performance of “mother-in-law disrelish daughter-in-law laugh”.Beside the highway, aunt and kinsfolk love such as face and the good sisters of disharmony, with fur will be wrapped up into a bloated and luxurious gas tank, at the same time their future life security, at the same time piled up small snow people, forced to make happy yan dressed as “kawaiyi” for people to appreciate.The little snow person seems to be vivid injected someone’s undead spirit, the snow water that melts on the body turns into water vapor in the air vaguely form: live, do not know what day, die, do not know when.Hao Duokuan, sheltered from the wind and rain by aunt’s powerful wings, burst into tears in the song of “It is not a sin for a man to cry”, which was true crying.Last time howling for the mountains of rice, this time tears for what?He hoarse roar out “if at the beginning did not change to go, will still live well” people smell of sigh: “even a piece of liver are not willing to pay, also can issue such a bold adverbial, is how noble feelings ah.His last song of the ages, do not see the bitter master for many years to pay gratitude, only to see the bitter master to pursue the truth of resentment.There was no repentance for the loss of the child, only the sting of losing the cake.It is not the sadness of the river upstream, but the panic of anxiety.As a family, one side is the “Kawaii” with a forced smile, the other side is the “Hao Man” with a crying swan song.She (he) they painstakingly create a happy atmosphere, hoping to establish the image of kind-hearted house, win people’s pity.Pretending to cry with deep feeling, expecting to win people’s criticism of the bitter owner.Spare no effort to disguise, all just want to enhance the people, deceive the people who do not know, so as to dilute the impact of the matter, and finally get a more satisfactory result.However, the happy face at the moment can not cover up the past lies, ruthless crying can not replace the past brutal.”A gentleman is open and honest, while a villain works together.”For a few pieces of silver, be swayed by considerations of personal gains and losses, to a bitter forced, in the name of love to obtain fame and wealth, waste human zai.