Multi-party linkage, starry night to help!Shanghai, here we come!

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In the early morning of April 3, 2022, medical supplies from Tianjin to Shanghai are being loaded outside the tianjin public health emergency supplies storage warehouse.The supplies, totaling 3,000 boxes, include medical protective masks, surgical masks, protective suits, gowns and eye masks.These supplies can be used by the Tianjin medical team to Shanghai for about 15 days.In order to ensure the timely departure of supplies to Shanghai, Tianjin Municipal Transport Commission coordinated a number of logistics companies overnight to transfer vehicles and personnel, in just a few hours, set up a material transfer fleet.Six trucks and 12 drivers arrived at their assigned positions on time.At 8 am on April 3, a transport team loaded with 3,000 boxes of anti-epidemic supplies set off on time and was expected to arrive in Shanghai 18 hours later.At the same time, in order to ensure the safety and orderly departure of 1,512 medical team members in Shanghai, tianjin Municipal Commission of Transport urgently coordinated with railway departments, and temporarily opened a special high-speed train to Shanghai.At the same time, tianjin West Railway Station opened a green channel, so that the expedition team everywhere feel the warmth of home.From the arrival of the station to the boarding of the bus, all the staff in all positions along the way are the strongest backing of the medical team with the most enthusiasm.Castle Peak together with wind and rain, Tianjin and Shanghai concentric fight against the epidemic.Tianjin opened up the “lifeline” of transportation, paving the way for the escort of personnel and supplies from Shanghai across thousands of miles to the south.Help each other, warm guard “Shanghai”, support Shanghai, Tianjin is coming!Source: Jinyun